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• 1973: Comoros reaches an agreement with France to become independent in 1978. • 1975: Comoros declares its independence with Ahmed Abdallah as its first president. • 1975: Abdallah is removed from office and replaced by Prince Said Mohammed Jaffar of the Union National Front of the Comoros. • 1976: Jaffar is ousted by Ali Soilih, who instigates socialist and isolationist reforms. • 1978: Bob Denard returns and overthrows Soilih in favor of Abdallah. • 1989: Abdallah, fearing a coup, orders Denard to disband the armed forces and is allegedly shot in his office. Said Mohamed Djohar becomes president. • 1995: Denard attempts another coup but is forced to surrender by France. Djohar is moved to Réunion and Mohamed Taki Abdulkarim becomes president. • 1997: Anjouan and Mohéli declare independence from Comoros in attempt to restore French rule. France denies their request leading to bloody confrontations. • 1999: Colonel Azali Assoumani seizes power in a bloodless coup. • 2005: A law is passed defining the responsibilities for the federal government and island governments. • 2006: The presidency moves peacefully to Ahmed Abdullah Mohamed Sambi. • 2007: Anjouan President Mohammed Bacar wins an election that is rejected as illegal by the Comoros and African Union. • 2008: African Union and Comoros troops retake Anjouan from rebel forces. Bacar escapes by speedboat to Mayotte. • 2011: Ikililou Dhoinine becomes president.



Official Name: Union of the Comoros
Capital: Moroni
President: Ikililou Dhoinine
Vice Presidents: Fouad Mohadji, Mohamed Ali Soilih, Nourdine Bourhane