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• 1912: The Treaty of Fez divides Morocco between France and Spain. • 1956: Morocco gains independence from France. • 1957: Sultan Sidi Mohammed Bin Youssef changes his title to King Mohammed V. • 1958: Morocco joins the Arab League. • 1961: King Hassan II ascends to the throne. • 1963: First general elections. • 1965: Growing political unrest; King Hassan II declares a state of emergency and suspends parliament following opposition protests. • 1971: An attempt to depose the king and found a republic fails. • 1975: Morocco gets joint control of Western Sahara with Mauritania. • 1984: Morocco leaves the Organization of African Unity in protest to its support for independence for Western Sahara. • 1991: A ceasefire with the Polisario in Western Sahara comes into force. • 1997: Bicameral legislature established. • 1998: The first opposition-led government comes to power. • 1999: Hassan II dies and King Mohammed VI comes to the throne. • 2011–2012: Protests in Rabat call for more power for the legislature. • July 2011: The king wins a landslide victory in a referendum on constitutional reforms held to placate protestors.



Official Name: Kingdom of Morocco
Capital: Rabat
King: King Mohamed VI
Prime Minister: Abdelilah Benikrane