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Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Says Syrian Regime Cannot Be Reformed | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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London Asharq al-Awsat- Ali Sadr-al-Din al-Bayanuni, general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Syria, has called on the world &#34not to punish the Syrian people because of what was committed by the regime.&#34 He stressed that &#34there is a real alternative, as indicated by the Damascus Declaration, which marked the launch of national collective action that includes all opposition parties.&#34 He hoped that a preparatory committee would be formed soon to prepare for a conference for the opposition, in all its shades.

Al-Bayanuni, told Asharq al-Awsat made that he was not surprised by what was contained in the report of German investigator Detlev Mehlis concerning the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri. He said, &#34The Syrian regime is professional.&#34 He added that the international community has ignored the conduct of the Baath regime in Damascus for a long time, which led to the fall of more innocent people. He noted that &#34the arrests among Syrians were still continuing until yesterday.&#34

He stressed that &#34the regime cannot be reformed. The only solution is a radical change, as the Damascus Declaration (of the opposition) demanded&#34 several days ago. He said &#34there is no longer a real justification for the talk about the lack of an alternative.&#34 He added that contacts are now under way for the purpose of forming a preparatory committee &#34which includes all the forces that signed the Damascus Declaration, be they at home or abroad.&#34 This is meant to prepare for holding a conference for all political forces, including Islamic, leftist, nationalist, Arab, and Kurdish forces.

He remarked that change &#34will be carried out by the Syrians themselves. We, however, need support and a cover from the international community&#34 to protect the people from the oppression of the regime, which may resort to more violent methods.

Lawyer Al-Bayanuni hoped that &#34the international community will adopt a decisive position and will remove the cover from this regime.&#34 He said, &#34We ask for not punishing the Syrian people twice.&#34 He added &#34imposing any economic sanctions will harm the people and will not harm the regime.&#34 He said that economic sanctions will be the second punishment after the suffering, which the people have gone through over the past 40 years.