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Secretary-General of Iraqi Jaafari Shia Council:Iran is Responsible For Fueling Internal Conflict in Iraq - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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London, Asharq Al-Awsat – Secretary-General of the Iraqi Jaafari Shia Council, Rida al Rida, warned that, “Iran has recruited its human and military powers to fuel internal conflict in Iraq in an attempt to implicate the United States in the conflict and to further escalate the ongoing civil war in Iraq. It is ceaselessly exerting all its efforts to cripple the US and drive it out of Iraq so that it can achieve its own goals in our country and our region.”

In an exclusive interview with Asharq Al Awsat, al Rida said, “We have come to realize that the Iranian authorities, along with their conspirators from southern Iraq, have psychologically prepared Iraqis for the civil war that they imposed on us in anticipation of secession of the south. They have achieved this by controlling the way the events in Iraq transpire under harrowing and ambiguous circumstances through their [agents] in Iraq, inflaming sectarian hatred and Iraqi fanaticism, deepening sectarian rifts and desecrating places of worship, inciting rivalries, vengeance and killing in the name of identity. This is achieved through terrorist militias, which result in the daily crises that have wreaked havoc on the central and southern regions, transforming the capital into a veritable stage of destruction in a way that has never been witnessed before.”

The Secretary-General gave his opinion on possible solutions for the Iraqi crisis, including, “the coordination between the nationalist Iraqi force and the armed nationalist resistance to purge the land of terrorism, exiling all terrorists who are determined to destroy the land, putting an end to operations that target the occupying powers to launch a new phase of positive dialogue and negotiation with the occupier to restore power to the Iraqis, followed by the complete withdrawal from Iraqi cities, in particular from Baghdad. [Furthermore], working towards abolishing the Chamber of Deputies and the Maliki government to form a government to save the country, disbanding the militias, destroying terrorist cells and prioritizing the issue of Iranian infiltration in Iraq. The Daawa Party recognizes that the north and central regions in Iraq are Arab and do not follow Iran. This would result in reassuring the Iraqi nationalist groups, neutralizing the Sunnis and the population in Iraqi Kurdistan and the Jaafari sect, and all the other components of the struggle between the US and Iran, to achieve what the US has been striving for from the start.”

He defined the Iraqi Jaafari Shia Council as, “the embodiment of a political, social and cultural framework. It is a patriotic Iraqi council that operates as the sect that represents Iraq’s Jaafaris. Our aim is to do everything in our capacity to preserve the rights of the members of this sect in Iraq in the future, by virtue of it being a principle component of Iraqi society. It strives to create a strong political Jaafari trend to contribute to building an Iraqi nation, based on the spreading of Islamic teachings, laws and conduct, following the tradition of Ahl al Bayt [the family and descendants of the Prophet (pbuh)] as a religious and historical reference that supports the contemporary political Jaafari Shia ideology. He affirmed that, “the Jaafari sect in Iraq is patriotic and is affiliated to the Arab culture, which has no association with any other Jaafari sect outside of Iraq whether political or regulatory. It should never use the Jaafari school of thought as a means to interfere in the country’s internal affairs, which it itself is a part of as citizens.”