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Saudis Returning from Iraqi to Receive Government Assistance | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat- Saudis returning from Iraqi will receive government assistance, according to the Kingdom’s Deputy Interior Minister Prince Ahmad bin Abdulaziz on Sunday.

“An appropriate plan and procedures have been implemented to contain [the returnees] and examine their situation. We hope they become good citizens”, the Prince said

So far, a small number of Saudis who had joined the insurgency in Iraq have returned to the Kingdom, the prince reported. “We hope that if anyone remains in Iraq they return safely.”

“The plan is aimed at making the men understand the error of their ways from the perspective of Shariaa law (Islamic law). This is undoubtedly a grave and great problem, which brings about the destruction of people and resources. This is in inadmissible in Shariaa and inexcusable. Therefore, the men need to understand the correct Shariaa knowledge they are in need of from religious leaders. We hope this will lead them onto the right path.”

Prince Ahmad was speaking to reporters after returning to Riyadh from Manama , where he attended the 24 th Interior Ministers meeting of the Golf Cooperation Council (GCC) on behalf of Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi Minister of Interior.

“A number of issues were discussed in the meeting and a consensus was reached. They include how best to serve citizens, security precautions and facilitating several procedures, especially those related to communication between member states”, Prince Ahmad said.

On the establishment of a joint economic, political and security body being agreed between all GCC member countries, the Saudi Deputy Minister of Interior pointed out, “The Council’s mission is for its six members to cooperate in different areas, economic, political, military and security; this is currently going on.”

In response to a question on establishing a united operation room for GCC members, Prince Ahmad indicated, “In reality, there is no common operation center but in each country there will be a specialized chamber to share information, especially in urgent and necessary matters that concern the security of [GCC] countries. This will have its own situation and will perform the required role.”

On the discussion of terrorism and how best to deal with terrorist attacks, the Prince added, “terrorism is known. It is an international concern and the GCC countries are affected by it. Currently, the situation is much better.”

He added, “The fight against terror using a number of ways will succeed, not only from the security perspective but other angles as well. We hope and believe terrorism has been defeated.”

Prince Ahmad denied reports alleging Ministers discussed introducing time limits for resident investors from member states and said, “We did not mention this and I do not believe that time limits for citizens of [GCC] countries will be brought in. Instead, significant assistance will be provided.”