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Saudi Aid to all ethnic groups of Bosnia | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Sarajevo,Asharq Al-Awsat- Saudi Arabia continues to deliver aid and relief to those who are returning to the regions from which they fled during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina to reconcile different ethnic groups.

The director of the International Islamic Relief Organization in Bosnia, Abdul Ra”oof Shooman said that the organization so far has contributed 15.5 thousand Bosnian Marks to orphanages (1 Bosnian Mark equals 2.5 Saudi Riyals).

He added that the organization has a health care center to benefit the orphans. The number of patients reaches up to ten thousand, meanwhile there are up to forty thousand cases of medical treatment. The total cost for providing food and hygiene facilities has reached more than 706 thousand Bosnian Marks.

Shooman also mentioned the seasonal activities arranged by the organization such as the ”Breaking Fast” project and the ”Distribution of Meat” project as well as providing cleansing and building materials, all of which have cost over 3 million Bosnian Marks since 1997.

The Bosnian Minister of Human Rights and Refugees, Missaad Keebo has praised the massive efforts made by Saudi Arabia in supporting the Bosnians by saying, &#34We in the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees are very grateful and appreciative of Saudi aid to Bosnia and especially that which supports those returning home.&#34

He continues, &#34However, I would like to reiterate that Bosnia is still in need of such relief especially for those who are returning to their original homes. I hope that these successful projects will continue and all I can do is express further my thanks to Saudi Arabia, its king and its people for their support of Bosnia throughout its difficult transition.&#34

From the Ministry of Immigrant Affairs of the federal government, Sulayman Al-Agheetesh also expressed his gratitude as well as that of the country for Saudi aid, emphasizing the importance of its continuation for the sake of repatriating Bosnians.

He said, &#34On behalf of the Bosnian citizens, we thank you for your support and your actions that are immensely benefiting the Bosnian orphans and repatriating Bosnians and we hope that you continue with these projects.

As for Usmat Shapaheetch, the deputy-head of scholars in Bosnia (of which Dr. Mustafa Tseeritch is the head), he talks of the role that Saudi aid has played in the stability, tranquility and prosperity of Bosnia. He says, &#34Bosnia without Foca, Visegrad, Banja Luka, and Bijeljina will not be stable because the majority of those returning were forced to immigrate.&#34 He added, &#34There are 2 million of us in Bosnia, half of which depend on monthly aid.&#34

The head representative of the media committee for the International Islamic Relief Organization, Wa”eel Al-Kurdi gave a summary of the body, saying &#34We are an international organization established in the Saudi Kingdom in 1976 through the World Muslim League. The headquarters are in Jeddah with 18 bureaus in Saudi Arabia and another 32 all over the world.&#34

Concerning the organization”s goals, he said, &#34Our aim is to help refugees and those in need, stricken by famine or other disasters anywhere in the world.&#34 He pointed out aid projects of the organization to help victims of the Tsunami in Indonesia and Sri Lanka as well as the homeless in Darfur and the Maldives.