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New Information on Al-Qaeda &#34Cop Killers&#34 | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Jeddah, Asharq Al-Awsat- An official in the Saudi Interior Ministry revealed new details, on Tuesday, about the militants, kamal Foudah, and Monsur Al-Tibeythi, suspected of killing a police chief, in the city of Mecca , last Saturday. The latest information confirms Asharq Al Awsat’s own investigation into the murder of Major Mubarak al Sawat.

The source indicated that Foudah, a Saudi citizen, aged 45, had visited Afghanistan on four occasions, since 1987. He was arrested, in 1991, in the Eastern region for heading a five member gang that stole considerable sums of money, video equipment, and personal belongings from five houses in the area. Foudah justified his crime by blaming his infidel victims. He was sentenced to five years in jail.

For his part, Monsur Al-Tibeythi, aged 23 and also a Saudi national, is a university drop out who was arrested for car theft last year, the source added.

In a statement released to the media, the Ministry of Interior said police had also confiscated weapons and ammunition, including those used to murder al Sawat, in addition to a computer, a camera, a phone, money and documents proving the suspects ascribe to militant ideologies.

Retired General Major Yayha al Zaidi, a specialist in security matters, applauded the police force’s swift response, adding that they are in control of the Kingdom’s security. He said, “The public needs to know that the authorities are able to respond quickly. Security missions vary between investigation, intelligence gathering, and technological duties. It is difficult for a criminal to escape justice, especially if he is already known to the authorities”, as was the case with Foudah.

He confirmed Foudah was a militant “immersed in extremist ideology” whose criminal record and repeated visits to Afghanistan are “evidence of deviant beliefs”. Al Zaidi added that it was “unconceivable for [anyone] arrested for robbery to claim to defend religion”. Rather, the former general believed, Foudah’s behavior should be attributed to “attempts to fund his fundamentalist beliefs”.

Al Tibeythi had quit university after swapping his English language classes for Islamic studies. His tale should “serve as a warning for all parents. It is important children are provided with care and attention when growing up” al Zaidi said.

Al Zaydi’s belief that “confused people such as Monsur can be easily misled” was confirmed by the suspect’s neighbors in the al Hawiya district, with one claiming al Tibeythi suffered from his parents separating.

When asked about the militant tactic of targeting security officers in the Kingdom, al Zaidi said “terrorists are convinced everyone is an infidel. They can only understand reality through their own narrow perspective. Whoever targets police forces, whose only aim is peace and security has no principles or morals.”