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Lebanese Minister Slams Arab League Sanctions on Syria | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Beirut, Asharq Al-Awsat- In parallel with the Arab escalation against the Syrian regime, which has not responded to the Arab pursuit of resolving the Syrian crisis, Syria’s allies in Lebanon continue to emphasize their support for the Syrian regime, and their standing by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against the “conspiracy” that targets Syria, and they continue to criticize the Arab stance that aims to exert pressure on Syria.

Within this context, Lebanese Minister of State Ali Qansu considers: “The official Arab stance cannot be read in any way other than as another link in the chain of pressure administered by the US Administration and its western allies against Syria.”

In a telephone interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, Qansu stressed that, “Once again the Arab League deviates from its Arab character, and adopts a hostile stance against the beating heart of pan-Arabism. The Arab League record has become known in more than one similar chapter, as today it turns its back to Syria in the same way it did during the siege of Gaza and the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006 and as it has erased Palestine from the list of its priorities.”

Qansu attributes the continuous escalation by the Arab foreign ministers to the transformation of the Arab League into a tool in the hands of the US Administration.

Lebanese Minister of State stressed that, “they [the Arab foreign ministers] have tried through the protocol of the Arab-monitors mission to impose crippling conditions on Syria, conditions that they have known in advance that Syria will not accept; however, they insisted on these conditions in order to open the way to the economic sanctions they were enthusing about before the Arab League initiative, and the Arab-monitors protocol, exactly the same as France and the United States.”

“These policies will not work with Syria, and also the sanctions with not work, as they have tried before to implement such policies against Syria, but Syria that thwarted them in the past will be able to thwart them again now” Qansu added.

In other news, Syria’s foreign minister has shown gruesome videos of bloodied and charred corpses during a news conference aimed at bolstering the regime’s contention that armed gangs are behind the country’s violence.

Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem’s televised appearance in Damascus on Monday comes one day after the Arab League approved sweeping sanctions against Syria for its crackdown on an 8-month-old uprising. The U.N. says more than 3,500 people have been killed.

Al-Moallem told reporters that the Arab League and others refuse to believe that there is a foreign conspiracy targeting Syria.

He says he showed the bloody images for the benefit of members of the Arab League who “still deny the presence of these armed gangs.”