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Iranian Opposition Group Says 132,000 Iranian Agents Working in Iraq | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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London, Asharq Al-Awsat- Spokesperson for Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) in Britain, Dawlat Nawruzi, disclosed that many high-ranking Iraqi Government officials and Iraqi politicians are working for Iran. She said they are among a “list of 132,000 agents who work for Iran inside Iraq.” She added, “The MKO has obtained precise information about the names of the agents, their titles and financial allowances they receive from the Iranian Government.”

Nawruzi told Asharq al-Awsat that “For the past four years, the organization has been continuously publishing its information about thousands of Iranian agents in Iraq, and the operations that these agents have been carrying out. However, nobody paid attention to this information, and we were not given the opportunity to disclose the details.”

Nawruzi added, “We have published this information in Europe and in the United states. We have said that some Iraqi officials have received millions of dollars from Iran to carry out operations against the Iraqi people. They are responsible for the death squads, acts of abduction, torture and murder. There are groups of people who wear Iraqi police uniforms and carry out these operations. Now, the Iraqis and the whole world know that this information was true.”

She added, “We are a political organization that is fighting to achieve the rights and freedom of the Iranian people. We have lost hundreds of victims in our struggle against the Iranian regime. We have a network of significant contacts inside Iran and they have provided us with important and top secret information about a network of agents who are working for Iran. They include Iraqis and Iranians, and are scattered all over Iraq.”

Concerning the status of the MKO in Iraq, Nawruzi said, “There are 4,000 MKO members including men, women and children who live in Ashraf camp near Diyala, east of Iraq. They are not engaged in any political activities. We respect the Iraqi Government’s decision that considers the MKO members political refugees inside Iraq. Therefore, their activities are civil and educational only.” She mentioned that, “Inside Ashraf camp, there are many schools, a university, and a hospital that has offered its services to local Iraqi residents for more than twenty years. However, the hospital and the camp itself lack medicine and other services such as electricity, water, food, and fuel. The Iraqi Government has cut off all kinds of assistance from the camp, thus the MKO members were forced to depend on themselves. They economize in order to provide some services and to purchase medicine and fuel on the black market.”

Nawruzi said, “There isn’t any agreement with the US Administration to use the organization against the Iranian regime. The organization is only engaged in media and social activities for the good of the Iranian people.” She added, “Ashraf camp is protected by the multi-national forces in Iraq. Since 2003, there have not been any weapons in the camp. The camp residents are allowed to move inside Iraq, but they do not venture out because of the security situation. There were some Iraqi workers doing some jobs inside the camp. However, Iran blew up the bus that was carrying them to the camp, and since then no Iraqi has entered the camp for fear of explosions.”