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Egyptian Security Sources Reveal Details of the Sharm el Sheikh Bombings | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Cairo, Asharq al-Awsat – Egyptian security sources have disclosed to &#34Asharq al-Awsat&#34 details of the three bombings that hit the Sharm el Sheikh resort on the Red Sea last Saturday and said a group of five to seven individuals were behind them and three of them were killed instantly.

The sources added that the bombings were due to be carried out at intervals so as to kill the largest number of victims, and noted that the vehicles were equipped with the explosives in one of the mountain caves near Sharm el Sheikh, and that the two vehicles took an unpaved road from the mountain to the circular road around Sharm el Sheikh.

The sources pointed out that the first vehicle that exploded in the old market was a green van carrying supplies while the vehicle that hit the &#34Ghazalah Gardens Hotel&#34 was a &#34Hyundai&#34 car. They said the information that the security organs obtained indicates that the bombing timing was delayed for more than two hours because the two vehicles” drivers were forced to leave the main road leading to Sharm el Sheikh due to the presence of several security checkpoints and thorough search operations. They added that the first vehicle was due to crash into the &#34Ghazalah Gardens&#34 hotel and the third suicide bomber to detonate the explosives inside a suitcase at the car park next to the hotel 10 minutes after the first explosion so as to kill the largest possible number of victims fleeing from the hotel but he made a mistake in setting the detonator”s timer and the explosives went off killing him.

They went on to say that the two vehicles” remains were examined and this showed that the engines numbers were erased in an attempt to remove any clues leading to the perpetrators. They added that the three attackers were killed instantly and the police collected their remains and are examining them to determine their identities. They also noted that implementation of these operations needed helpers to watch and provide backing in Sharm el Sheikh and the investigations indicate that probably between two and four persons helped the attackers carry out their actions.