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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Guide Slams Arab Leaders, Calls for Israel’s Expulsion | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat- Muhammad Mahdi Akif, the general guide of the outlawed “Muslim Brotherhood” (MB) in Egypt, has launched a violent attack on Arab leaders saying: “Had they not made the declaration of the faith, we would have fought them because they are more oppressive to us than the Zionists and Americans.”

Akif reignited the argument that has not stopped since his announcement that there were 10,000 MB members ready to go to Lebanon to fight there “with Hezbollah.” Speaking at a mass rally attended by around 2,000 MB members at the Egyptian Lawyers Association headquarters in central Cairo the night before yesterday to mark the night of Prophet Muhammad’s ascension to the seven heavens: “The latest war in Lebanon exposed the falsity of the lies of the impossibility of confronting Israel and war with it.” He added: “The resistance negated all these false claims forever.”

The rally organizers presented a visual message from Khalid Mishal, chairman of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) Political Bureau, in which he said: “Resistance is a legitimate right in all legitimate and international laws. The Islamic Resistance upset all the international calculations and has stopped being a limited effort but a strategic choice for filling the vacuum left by the armies and redressing the balance of powers in the region.”

Akif denounced in his speech what he called the “Arab leaders’ failure to support the Palestinian cause”, adding: “The Zionist gangs’ policies have not changed the Arab and Muslim peoples, especially the Palestinian people, since their occupation of the Arab territories.” The MB guide pointed out that “defining who are the Zionists and the Americans is important for expelling them from our territories” and said: “We are struggling in the cause of Allah in order to expel the Zionist gangs from the land of Palestine. Therefore, all of us must draw up a practical plan for expelling them from our territories.” He noted that this “is not aggression against anyone. But anyone who wants to live on our land as a citizen with rights and duties is welcome. One who wants to live as a usurper or occupier, then the jihad is our course and death in the cause of Allah is the most exalted of our wishes.”

In a visual message, Khalid Mishal addressed the audience about the resistance’s right to act against the occupation and said: “The peoples have to stand behind the resistance and have confidence in it.” He pointed out that the resistance needs effort, patience, endurance, and struggle of willpowers. He added that the resistance would win in one battle after the other until it wins the war, especially as it has a right in all the arenas, either in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Mishal added: “The talk about the Zionist entity’s disappearance has stopped being a fantasy and a delusion but has become today, in the face of the resistance steadfastness, a reality and its defeat has become possible, even if it possessed weapons of mass destruction because these would be absolutely of no use against the will of Allah and then the resistance.”