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TO GO WITH AFP STORY by W.G. Dunlop, Iraq-Syria-conflict-US-Baghdad-curfew
Iraqis celebrate on February 8, 2015, the lift of curfew in central Baghdad. Iraqis roared through central Baghdad in dozens of cars flying flags, honking horns and filling the street with smoke from their screeching tyres to celebrate the end of a years-old nightly curfew. “Long live Iraq!”, one young man shouted while hanging out the window of a passing car early on Sunday morning. It was the first night in years that Baghdad residents could stay out as late as they wished, after Iraqi premier Haider al-Abadi ordered an end to the long-running curfew that had most recently lasted from midnight to 5:00 am (1800 to 0200 GMT). AFP PHOTOALI AL-SAADI