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Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Failed Attack on US Embassy | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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San’a, Asharq Al-Awsat – A group with links to the “Al-Qaeda” organization has claimed responsibility for a failed mortar attack on the US Embassy in Yemen last week, which injured a number of female students in an adjacent school and several soldiers. The Jund al-Yaman Brigades said in a statement published on the internet dated 21 March “one of the mortars missed its target and fell in a school close to the embassy. We pray to God to speed the girl students ‘recovery.”

The statement, published on a website frequently used by “Al-Qaeda” organization, said: “We already warned Muslims not to get near to government and foreign facilities.” The group says it is part of Qaedat al-Jihad organization in Yemen.

Yemen said 13 female students and five soldiers were injured in the “terrorist attack” on Tuesday. Washington said it targeted its embassy but failed.

A Yemeni government newspaper cited a security official the day before yesterday as saying a wanted member of “Al-Qaeda” carried out the attack. The Jund al-Yaman Brigades claimed last month responsibility for fatal attacks on Spanish and Belgian tourists.

Moreover, a source in the presidential committee for ending the war in Sa’dah linked the release of the Huthists to the withdrawal of the Yemeni application to Interpol for Al-Huthi’s extradition. The statement was made by a source in the presidential committee which is implementing the agreement signed by the Yemeni Government and Abdul Malik Badraldin al-Huthi in Doha on 1 February. The source said the committee, in which the Huthists are represented according to the Doha document, is hoping that the Huthists would take similar steps to those taken by the government in releasing the detainees held on the charge of sedition which broke out in some Sa’dah districts or the withdrawal of the Yemeni application from Interpol for the extradition of Al-Huthi who is outside Yemen and pointed out the need for the Huthists to comply with the agreement to end the sedition, stop the shedding of Yemeni blood in this governorate, and establish peace in the areas where the clashes too place. The source stressed that the Huthists should be totally committed to implementing the agreement.