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Social Development Committee: Illegal migrant communities are responsible for the increase in crime | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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In his speech during the Social Development Committee”s meeting recently, Saleh Bin Ali Al-Turki, the head of the committee that is affiliated with the Council of Holy Mecca, said, &#34According to security reports that we have received from the police department of Jeddah, the city is suffering from the presence of illegal migrant communities. These additions to society have resulted in an increase in street beggars.&#34

A spokesman for the Committee said, &#34As a result of security reports, we were ordered to hold people of different nationalities who break the law and return them to their countries. We have also been ordered to increase patrol and coordination with various departments.&#34

Concerning child beggars, the number of which has risen in all cities of the Kingdom, Al-Turki said, &#34We are committing a great crime when we give these children money as we are encouraging their actions.&#34

With regards to Jeddah and the illegal migrant communities, Al-Torki says, &#34Security reports assert that the lack of supervision in this district has allowed foreign communities to engage in selling drugs, burglary and other crimes.&#34

He emphasized that the same reports have revealed the urgency in dealing with the migrant communities. The reports state that the district of Ghalil suffers the most from an increase in crime rate of 39%. Alcohol consumption amongst the illegal communities reaches an outstanding 93% in comparison to 7% in the other districts. Drug addiction is represented by 89% of the migrant community of Ghalil and 11% in other districts. Illegal communities are involved in a large number of petty crimes.

The Social Development Committee”s meeting tackled a number of issues. A proposition was put forth by Dr Masood Al-Qahtani, deputy chief of the Faculty of Education in Jeddah who suggested that, &#34more projects are established for families and children to distance them from behavioral extremities.&#34

He further adds, &#34Women should also participate more in the dealing with various issues in society. Events such as festivals will allow for women to present their projects to other women.&#34

The meeting that lasted for three hours also tackled other issues including the importance of designing rehabilitation programs for drug addicts and dealing with such conditions by cooperating with officials of the security, social, religious, media, education and business sectors.