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Arabic language &#34Discovery&#34 channel to Launch Soon

Arabic language &#34Discovery&#34 channel to Launch Soon

Arabic language &#34Discovery&#34 channel to Launch Soon

London, Asharq Al-Awsat-An Arabic language &#34Discovery&#34 channel would be launched soon said Kuwait”s information minister, Anas Al-Rasheed in London this week while attending a conference about &#34Extremism and Terrorism&#34. The objective of the channel, according to the minister”s, is to increase the Arabic public”s awareness and interest in science and culture in an effort that to naturalize media outlets that support or incite extremism.

The announcement came during a panel discussion on the third day of the conference, which debated incitement in the &#34media&#34 with regard to terrorism.

The three-day conference, which was sponsored by the Kuwaiti Information Office and Asharq Al-Awsat, discussed different aspects of extremist ideologies that often lead to violence and terrorism.

A panel of experts in different fields including members of the Kuwaiti parliament, Saudi Shura Council members, journalists and academics from Arab and international institutes, dismissed that poverty was among the issues that created an environment for terrorism. &#34The economic factor for many infamous terrorists did not fit into the picture,&#34 said Zuhair Al-Harthi, a Saudi researcher and writer. &#34Terrorism has intellectual roots and political objectives aiming to hijack political authority.&#34 Al-Harthi added.

Political and social issues in the region in addition to the history and current western foreign policy and how these factors are portrayed in the media to incite anger and radicalism were the main contributing factors to the extreme mindset of individuals in the Arab and Muslim world members of the expert panel pointed out.

Terrorism media outlets exist and are efficiently utilized by terrorists and their supporters. Mshari Al-Zaydi, an expert on Islamic extremism, reaffirmed al-Qaeda”s use of the media by pointing out the last letter from Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda second in command to Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi telling him not to neglect the media as it is considered &#34two thirds of the battle.&#34

Jamal Khashoggi, Media advisor to the Saudi Ambassador in Washington thinks the turning point when someone with extremist views becomes willing to commit a suicide operation is what should be focused on. Khashoggi contends that &#34if al-Qaeda was just a protest movement, it would”ve been an organization that one could deal with&#34.

Khaleel Al-Khaleel, a member of the Saudi Shura Council highlighted how terrorist were able to adapt to new means with initiative and timing saying, &#34the terrorists were able to skillfully employ the latest in technology in order to spread their radical backward ideology&#34.

The &#34Discovery&#34 channel launch was approved by the Kuwaiti PM, Sheikh Subah Al-Subah after an agreement with representatives of the Satellite channel. Al-Rasheed said that the idea is going to be presented to leaders of the GCC states in order to broadcast the new channel under a GCC umbrella.