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Trend Micro warns against destructive viruses over the internet | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Jeddah, Asharq Al-Awsat-Trend Micro Company, one of the leading international companies for the production of antivirus programs, has issued a warning to all internet users that their personal computers may be subject to destructive viruses over the summer.

The warning has been issued now as the virus attacks have reached their highest rate in 22 months within the Middle East. The attacks have escalated as a result of the lack of attention of information technology managers and personal computer users towards the constant updating of their antivirus programs, especially considering that the previous months have witnessed a relatively virus-free internet.

Justin Dew, the executive manager for the regional office of Trend Micro for Africa and the Middle East, has told Asharq Al-Awsat that the current summer holiday will see a number of viruses that only require an update of antivirus programs to be counter them.

He said, &#34It is highly probable that viruses will strike operating and online computers in company offices and governmental authorities which usually leave their computers online even after working hours.&#34

He asserted that there has been notable activity by hackers and spywares as well as information theft over the previous period. He strongly criticized the recklessness of some users towards the security of their home computers and those who subject their computers to viruses in their offices. Regarding this issue he said, &#34It is tolerable that some might not secure their networks when traveling, but what remains the most important point is to update the antivirus programs on the home computer, as they are vital for the protection of stored information from virus attacks.&#34

He added, &#34There is always this recklessness that users show towards security of the internet on personal and work computers after long periods of not using them.&#34 He reinforced this point saying, &#34Security matters must be set as the priority whilst operating a personal computer as soon as possible after time away from it.&#34 This is in addition to opting for installing effective antivirus programs and constantly updating them, and installing firewalls or antispam ware equipments.

Due to the recent increase of virus attacks, the Trend Micro Company and Safe Computing Advisory Campaign which focuses specifically on consumers, aims at highlighting the importance of updating antivirus and computer protection programs for personal computers. Presently, Trend Micro along with its retail partners, are working on emphasizing this point to all current users.