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Saudi Aramco to Introduce a New Grade of Gasoline | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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DHAHRAN, Asharq Al-Awsat – Beginning Jan. 1, 2007, gasoline stations across Saudi Arabia will begin selling a new grade of gasoline., According to a statement by Saudi Aramco, which has been working to assure the infrastructure necessary to produce and distribute this new gasoline on the launch date.

Currently, gasoline stations in Saudi Arabia offer only 95-octane gasoline. The new grade will be 91-octane gasoline, which is suitable for a majority of the vehicles in the Kingdom. It will be called “Premium 91.” The 95-octane gasoline currently available will be called “Premium 95.”

In coordination with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and several government agencies, Saudi Aramco conducted extensive research before producing and marketing Premium 91. The company has also prepared its production, storage and distribution facilities to accommodate the new grade of gasoline.

Based on the Royal Order issued on April 30, the price of Premium 91 will be 60 halalas per liter and the price for Premium 95 will be 75 halalas per liter. Transport companies and gas stations are currently constructing tanks and separate facilities for the two types of gasoline.

To protect consumers, Saudi Aramco will add a distinguishing color to each type of gasoline. Premium 91 will be green in color and be dispensed from green gasoline pumps. Premium 95 will be red in color and dispensed from red pumps.