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Riyadh Denounces Al-Jazeera Report | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat- The governorate of Riyadh issued a statement on Tuesday denouncing the lies in a report broadcast by Al Jazeera, in which Abdulaziz al Tayyar, alleged that Youssef al Rajhi had been detained in order to force him to sign guarantees, so as not to demand the rights for Al Rajhi Exchange.

The governorate of Riyadh indicated that a legal ruling, number 24/286, was issued on 14/03/02 and officially certified by the court of cassation and the Supreme Judicial Council, according to ruling number 5/45, issued on 24/1/2004, stipulated the appointment of a guardian council to oversee the affairs of Sheikh Saleh al Rajhi and supervises his finances. However, when Youssef al Rajhi, his son, did not comply to this ruling and did not hand over the properties of Sheikh Saleh al Rajhi, a legal ruling number 24/52 was issued by the General Tribunal in Riyadh on 14/03/2005 and certified by the cassation court number A/3 K/562, stipulating that Youssef al Rajhi should give up the properties of Saleh al Rajhi and not act on them in any way, such as renting or selling them and not oppose the guardian council.

Because of his continued illegal behavior, and after he asked tenants not to pay their rents to the guardianship council, the council’s legal counsel requested the ruling against Youssef al Rajhi be implemented.

The governorate of Riyadh then issued a statement to all police stations informing them that any individual who violates Saleh al Rajhi’s property should be detained and questioned.

Youssef al Rajhi was called for questioning but continued to evade the police. He was finally brought in on 24/07/2006. After being held and questioned, he signed the guarantee and was freed later that night.

The Riyadh governorate criticized the claims by Abdulaziz al Tayyar and said that all cases are examined according to Shariaa law.