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Will We Pay The Price for Lebanon’s Rockets? | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Whilst watching one of the [Arabic] satellite channels, I saw somebody who described himself as a political and military expert make a statement in which he said that the people responsible for the Lebanese rocket attack against Israel may be affiliated to the Israeli espionage network! This strategic political and military expert wants to say that Israeli wishes to provoke a crisis with Lebanon, and has therefore ordered its spies to fire rockets into its own territory.

The question that must be asked is; who benefits from rockets being fired from southern Lebanon into Israel?

Is Israeli targeting itself at the same time that it is diplomatically and tactically working to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons?

If we wish to persist in looking at this conspiracy theory we could ask; is it logical that at the same time that Damascus is trying to resolve its issues with the US and the West and is preparing for the difficult months to come, that it would risk opening another [battle] front with Israel i.e. Lebanon?

Damascus is certainly not keen to brighten Hezbollah’s image, or return to calling for resistance in Lebanon, as it previously did in the past, especially since Syria’s relationship with Hezbollah is not as it was before, and it is Syrian ally – not Hezbollah ally – [Michel] Aoun who is obstructing the formation of a government in Lebanon.

It is also important that we pay particular attention to the statement issued by Khalid Mishal a few days ago in Khartoum during which he said that Hamas not only smuggles arms, but that it buys and manufactures them as well. The meaning behind this statement is clear; Hamas is saying to Israel that the Gazan front is prepared for any escalation. Therefore the rocket fire from southern Lebanon into Israel, and Mishal’s statement a few days ago, are nothing more than a message to Israel from Iran’s allies in the region to the effect that all the fronts, from Gaza to Lebanon, are ready for battle should Israel decide to attack Iran.

We are facing a new media campaign of disinformation that will be launched in the coming days, the goal of which is to distract public opinion until we find ourselves facing a new adventure, such as the Hezbollah adventure in 2006 [Hezbollah – Israel war], or the adventure of the rocket attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip at the beginning of this year [which led to the Israeli invasion].

We musts therefore be prepared [for this] from now, and in order to be ready we must continually ask ourselves; who benefits from Hezbollah or Hamas giving new causes to Israel to incite a new war?

Is it in the interest of Iran, who wants to gain control of Iraq, exploit the Palestinian Cause, and have a hand in Afghanistan, as was evident by the Iranian response to the West on the nuclear issue?

Therefore is this battle on behalf of those who wan to control and divide us, our battle?

The other important question is; are we destined to pay the price for these adventurers?

It is strange that we have simultaneously become both the victims of these wars, as well as the victims of those who finance them. This is what happened in Gaza and prior to that in Lebanon, and others.

Do we not need our finances to build our own future, and our own nations?

These are questions that we must continually ask ourselves, and discuss aloud. There has been enough reckless shedding of innocent blood, and enough recklessness with regards to our nations and stability, and enough wasting of our money. Resistance is one thing, but defending the mullahs in Iran is something else entirely.