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Where are Iran and Nasrallah? | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The Iranians, and Hezbollah of course, did everything to try to take advantage of the eight day war launched by Israel upon the Gaza Strip. They tried to invest in that battle in order to improve their image in the region, especially after the Syrian revolution and their support for Bashar al-Assad, but, only after a short period of time, fate has come to expose Tehran and Hezbollah once again.

The tyrant of Damascus’ forces are bombing the Palestinian refugee camp in Yarmouk with warplanes, as if the Palestinians can be used as firewood in every battle, whether guilty or not guilty. What is this other than trading on the Palestinian cause, and the blood of its people? Indeed, the most prominent traders on the cause and its people are Iran and Hezbollah, along with the al-Assad regime, which is bombing the Palestinians today with warplanes. Yet we do not see Hassan Nasrallah coming out publicly to warn al-Assad against targeting the Palestinians, nor do we see Iranian leaders coming out to say anything, so is spilling the blood of the Palestinians halal [religiously permissible] for al-Assad and only haram [religiously impermissible] for Israel? This is a sad and shameful matter, but fortunately God wants to expose those trading on Palestinian blood, from Iran to Hezbollah and the al-Assad regime along with them, as well as others in the region and some Palestinians themselves.

Therefore, the silence of Iran and Hezbollah, and specifically its leader Hassan Nasrallah, is clear evidence of them trading on the Palestinian cause, not even intervening at the very least to persuade al-Assad not to bomb refugee camps with war planes. Of course we cannot say that the Palestinians must not interfere in the Syrian revolution, or blame them for doing so, and this is for one simple reason. When the al-Assad regime resorts to using the Palestinians themselves in Syria, such as Ahmed Jibril and others, or pushes some of them towards the border with Israel or the Golan Heights in order to divert attention, or when Syria uses the Palestinians in Lebanon, or some factions in Gaza, then the al-Assad regime, Iran and Hezbollah are the ones forcibly drawing the Palestinians into the Syrian revolution. How can this be otherwise when Tehran, al-Assad and Hezbollah have not given the Palestinians any respite, especially over the past ten years, when they have used the Palestinian cause and Palestinian blood in a crude and unjust manner, especially with false, contrived slogans such as opposition and resistance? Hence it is only natural for the Palestinians to come out against al-Assad’s agents, and al-Assad himself.

The truth is that Arab observers do not need any more evidence of al-Assad’s crimes, and how he has exploited the Palestinian cause. However, some Arabs, who have been unaware intentionally or otherwise, now need to pay attention to how Iran and Hezbollah remain silent about the crimes committed by the al-Assad regime against the Palestinians. Despite the fact that what is happening to the Palestinians is very distressing, fate wants to expose the falsehood of the Iranian project in our region. Here we see the allies of Khomeini’s project falling from one trap into another, with their words and actions proving to be false. The simplest example of this is what is happening to the Palestinians in Yarmouk refugee camp at the hands of al-Assad’s forces and planes. Thus, we should ask Hassan Nasrallah today: Was it not said in the days of the recent Gaza war that Iran, Hezbollah and al-Assad would not abandon Gaza? So why is Yarmouk refugee camp being abandoned today as al-Assad’s planes bombard it with fire and brimstone? Is there an answer?