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Today we are facing a new farce from the Muslim Brotherhood after it announced its new position which – as usual – justifies everything that serves the Iranian project in our region. The General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mahdi Akef, issued what he described as a “call” to Saudi Arabia to stop fighting against the Huthis. Akef said that Saudi Arabia has a right to defend its territory “but” the role of Saudi Arabia, and that of its King “is much greater than this.”

We do not know what can be considered a greater role than protecting Saudi Arabia and its sovereignty, maintaining [national] security and protecting [Saudi] citizens?

Therefore we believe that the Muslim Brotherhood’s position towards the Huthi aggression on Saudi soil is nothing more than a continuation of the movement’s positions that aim to weaken and destabilize Arab countries for the sake of extremist groups that Iran funds and supports with information and weaponry as part of their attempt to destabilize the security of our nations.

It would have been better if the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood had supported Saudi Arabia and its position without adding a “but” because what Riyadh is doing – particularly along the Saudi-Yemeni border – is vitally important. Riyadh is protecting its security from arms and drug smugglers, Al Qaeda elements, as well as the Huthis. This is something that calls for supporting Saudi Arabia, rather than criticism or second-guessing.

However are we surprised by the Muslim Brotherhood’s position?

Of course not, for the adoption of positions calling for sedition is not something new, and we saw this during Saddam Hussein’s occupation of Kuwait, as well as when Hamas marched on the Egyptian border. We have seen the Muslim Brotherhood take up this position when Hezbollah attempted to tamper with Egyptian security. The Muslim Brotherhood also adopted this same biased position following the armed coup in Lebanon carried out by the Iranian affiliated Hezbollah movement which also saw Hezbollah targeting Sunni areas of Beirut. The Muslim Brotherhood also contributed to the Sunni – Shiite reconciliation drama following this Hezbollah coup, the goal of this was to whitewash the Hezbollah movement, and distance it from the criticism that it received after it exposed its sectarian features to Lebanon.

Where were the Muslim Brotherhood and their General Guide when the Huthis were starting this military and media conflict, tampering with Saudi security, targeting Saudi border guards, and infiltrating the Saudi interior?

We did not hear any denouncements from the Muslim Brotherhood against what the Huthis were and are continuing to do along the Saudi – Yemeni border. In fact the only thing that we can recall is that Muslim Brotherhood leaders appeared in the Iranian media praising Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on his wisdom and his call for Muslim unity, whilst at the same time the Supreme Leader and [Iranian president] Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were threatening Saudi Arabia over this year’s Hajj season.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s “call” to Saudi Arabia is new evidence of the threat that this organization represents, and the threat of their projects, which does not include protecting our countries from Iranian tampering. The Muslim Brotherhood’s position is also evidence of the extent of the alliance between them and the Iranian regime, and their role is now to confuse public opinion by issuing misleading statements. This is not surprising for somebody who said “to hell” with Egypt, therefore the Muslim Brotherhood are- deservedly – the brothers of Iran.