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Nasrallah and the Double-Edged Sword of Israel | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Israel is like a double-edged sword in the hands of our extremists; it both cuts us and reconciles us. Under the pretext of Israel, coups are undertaken and ties are severed. Arabs attack one another on every issue under the pretext of Israel, and even the combatants in the collapsed state of Somalia say that they wish to liberate it [Palestine].

The latest of these displacements i.e. the negative or positive actions that take place using Israel as an excuse came last Friday from Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah. The Hezbollah leader said that Netanyahu’s threat that the Lebanese government would bear full responsibility for any attacks on Israel [originating from its territory] should Hezbollah join the government, aims to put pressure on the government and obstruct its formation, as well as put pressure on Hezbollah not to participate in government.

According to Nasrallah, Netanyahu’s words demonstrate that “It is clear that the Israelis will be vexed if a national unity government were formed in Lebanon.” Nasrallah therefore believes that “the response is that we will increase our efforts and cooperate to form a national unity government…because there is a need for us to have a government in Lebanon as soon as possible.” Nasrallah ended by saying that Hezbollah would participate in government “in defiance” of Netanyahu.

Nasrallah boycotted and besieged the previous government, and using Israel as an excuse demanded a third minority [in parliament]. Under the pretext of Israel, Nasrallah also established a network of contacts throughout Lebanon and disagreed with his Lebanese rivals. Under the pretext of Israel, Nasrallah mobilized for Election Day – which the resistance lost – saying that Lebanon is a country of resistance, and its government should therefore also be one of resistance.

Using Israel as a pretext, Hassan Nasrallah also sent a sleeper cell to Egypt, and today the Hezbollah leader has called for the formation of a Lebanese national unity government as soon as possible, because he believes that political power in Lebanon is “following the Israeli goal” of returning tension to the country. Nasrallah added that “[currently] the climate is calm, thank God.” Of course, he has used Israel as a pretext for all of this.

Is there a greater disregard of reason than this?

What about the reality in Lebanon; its requirements, and the requirements of its citizens?

What about the economy, education, and stability?

Above all else, where are the people of Lebanon, not just today, but for the past four years?

When development, stability, and human growth becomes disrupted under the pretext of responding to Israel, this is a crime equal to that of collaborating with Israel against the security of any Arab state.

We can say this because in our region today we have watched as a large group plummets from the peak of arrogance [as a result of this] and their justifications are laughable. We are also fortunate to have exposed many of the projects that are dangerous to our Arab states, as well as exposing the fragile and false Iranian democracy.

Just look at what Hamas are saying about Jund Ansar Allah, with regards to the group illegally using weapons and the other justifications that it made. Look at Hezbollah as it dims the lights, and monitor Syria’s language towards the US. Also monitor the actions of some in the Gulf. This list goes on, even in Africa.

Only then will we know how many lives have been spent for obsolete slogans, and how many opportunities for progress and development have been thrown away by undertaken adventures and telling gross lies about democracy, jihad, the resistance, and other empty slogans.