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Khaled Mishal the “Zionist agent”! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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During the Israeli war on Gaza in early 2009, the Hamas movement was criticized for its recklessness in exposing Gaza to destruction and havoc only to serve the goals of Iran, Hezbollah and Bashar al-Assad in the region. Wise commentators said that the war was not justified, and that it was just another adventure for Hamas after Hezbollah’s adventure in Lebanon in 2006.

Subsequently, a frenzied campaign was launched by all those who stood behind Iran, the al-Assad regime and Hezbollah. A list was prepared of all journalists who had criticized Hamas, and therefore “traded in the blood of the Palestinians”, which was then circulated at the time under the false titles “The list of shame” or “The friends of Israel”. Even the BBC Arabic website covered the campaign, reporting that: “Several groups affiliated to Islamist trends have published a list of dozens of names of Arab writers accused of justifying Israeli attacks on Gaza, and of criticizing the policies of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran”. In reality, it was not only “several groups”, but Syrian newspapers, satellite television channels, and other journalists who believed in the so-called “resistance”!

On the 14th January 2009, I wrote an article entitled “Hamas in Gaza and Damascus”, in which I said that there was a big difference between Hamas in Gaza and in Damascus, and a clear contrast in attitudes and statements. This enraged Hamas sympathizers at the time, but what about now? Why am I returning to this story in 2012? The reason is simple, and important. Today, Hamas has acknowledged that there are differences within the Hamas leadership in Gaza, and especially with regards to Khaled Mishal. In fact, matters have now reached the point where it is not possible for Mishal to continue in his position, and it is necessary for him to step down! This is not all, for the same entities that used to defend Mishal, whether Hezbollah, Iran or the al-Assad regime, and published “The list of shame” in order to support him and portray his critics as those trading in the blood of the Gaza people, have returned in 2012 to say that Khaled Mishal is a Zionist agent, exploiting the resistance, and a member of the so-called “band of drummers”, an expression that denotes shame and disgrace.

Syrian state television in Damascus launched a massive attack on Mishal, telling him to remember when he first sought refuge from his surroundings, and arrived at mercy of al-Sham [Damascus]. As for the Iranian newspaper “Kayhan”, issued directly from the office of the Iranian Supreme Leader, it said that Mishal had forgotten the years he had been living under Syrian protection during his residence and work in Damascus, and was acting like a Zionist agent. The newspaper also claimed he is ready to sacrifice the people of Palestine in exchange for his personal ambitions!

Indeed, the true evil of any affliction is rejoicing in it, and the rope of lies is shorter than the turban of some of the conspirators. Yet here they are trying to eliminate one another, using the same descriptions that they previously directed against rational commentators [during the 2009 Gaza war], whereby Mishal has now transformed into an agent and a conspirator! However, one important question remains: Do some of the drummers in our Arab media, who have repeated the propaganda of the axis of destruction in our region; Iran, Hezbollah and al-Assad, not feel slightly ashamed now? We must remember, God does not gloat!