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Hezbollah…and the Lebanese Earthquake | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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In the event that the decision of the International Tribunal into the late [Lebanese Prime Minster] Rafik Al Hariri’s [assassination] being identical to what was reported in the German Der Spiegel magazine – which is that Hezbollah is responsible for Al Hariri’s death – Lebanon will have entered a new stage of danger.

A number of Lebanese nationals who I’ve spoken to about the German magazine’s grave report, believe that this article – if proved to be true – will expose Lebanon to danger, and add fuel to the conflict taking place in the Lebanese interior.

Of course they fear Hezbollah’s weaponry, and fear a sectarian conflict, but before all of this [they fear] an international charge being brought against Hezbollah as this would politically paralyze Lebanon. This is especially the case if a Hezbollah minister happened to be a member of the Lebanese government, of even if for example, the Lebanese Prime Minster were to meet with Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah.

This explains the official Lebanese apprehension that followed the discovery of a Hezbollah cell in Egypt, for if Egypt were to ask for Interpol to arrest Hassan Nasrallah the entire Lebanese political system would be in jeopardy.

In which case what is the solution? Will the Hariri assassination be turned into a useless provision where there is no winner and no loser? Or will the case follow the famous provision of Arab politics of “let bygones be bygones”?

In which case who will stop the political absurdity in Lebanon?

This is not all, who will stop the cycle of assassinations and violence between the [political] opponents in Lebanon? Who will stop foreign hands from openly meddling in Lebanon under the flimsiest of pretexts and in a condescending manner?

Therefore, unfortunately, Lebanese interests requires one political surprise, to present lessons and offer solutions, otherwise the country as a whole will experience a continuous cycle of [political] surprises, each one being different than the last, and without anybody rallying to the flag, [and supporting Lebanese] stability and independence.

Therefore Hariri’s killers must be pursued and brought to justice regardless of who they are; whether they are individuals or a state they must pay the legal price [for their crimes]. Everybody, including those in Lebanon and the extremists involved in Lebanese internal affairs, must also learn that politics is the art of possibilities, not the art of murder and destruction.

As we have repeatedly said, Lebanon is in a risky situation, and is in even more danger now, especially if one of them [the parties in Lebanon] decided to escape by igniting an internal or external war, particularly since we are close to unraveling many of the Lebanese mysteries.

Some information seems to indicate that the decision of the Hariri Tribunal may be issued sooner than we expected, only then will we know why the Intelligence Officer Wissam Eid was assassinated, or why a number of individuals were killed against the backdrop of the Al Hariri case.

It is also expected that other figures linked to the Al Hariri assassination case will be absent, for in this investigation, and during this emotional moment in Lebanon, we do not know who testified against who, and who betrayed who. May God protect Lebanon from its people, for many of them are the cause of its plight.