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Hezbollah.. The Ugliest Picture | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Exposing falsehoods and uncovering deception; it is indeed true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

In his speech after the coup on Lebanon and its infrastructure, Hassan Nasrallah claimed that millions of dollars were spent in an effort to defame him and distort the image of the “divine party.” However it was the actions of his party that exposed the armed resistance lie and the falsehood of Hassan Nasrallah’s enthusiasm for Lebanon and the unity of its composition.

How horrible were the images carried by international news agencies, which showed Hezbollah’s gunmen and Amal forces stomping and burning pictures of the late Rafik Hariri, and then replacing them with a portrait of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

No less hideous were the images of handcuffed and blindfolded pro-government Lebanese citizens paraded in front of “Al Manar” cameras, the television channel that propagates Iran and Hezbollah venom. Moreover the images came across as if these were Israeli captives fallen in the hands of Hassan Nasrallah and not fellow Lebanese brought together by one homeland, of which the most important guarantee is that everyone has the right to live.

Much has been exposed with these images, which will remain in our minds for a long time and will not be erased by Hezbollah’s fabricated wars. These images highlighted the loathsome sectarian aggression of Iran and Syria’s “Men”, who in the past gave lengthy lectures on patriotism and accused their opponents of being conspirators.

In the past when it was said that Hezbollah was an Iranian-Syrian backed party and that Amal’s leader Nabih Berri was an affiliate of Syria rather than a neutral party, the analysts of destruction appeared to debate and distort facts, in the same manner that

Hassan Nasrallah for that last two years swore that his weapons would never be directed inside his own country. These images have exposed the falsehoods and revealed Hezbollah’s intentions for Lebanon.

Since when has an oppositional entity announced its victory by raising the portrait of another country’s leader in its capital? And what opposition hangs pictures of Iran’s Supreme Guide on walls and streets of Lebanon’s Sunni neighborhoods? Is there a greater example of subversion then this?

In the Iran and Syria-affiliated media, Hassan Nasrallah and his people accuse the elected members of parliament of being co-conspirators because of their rejection of his Iran-sponsored project and Syria’s reoccupation of Lebanon.

And moreover, Rafik Hariri, whose pictures were treaded on by Iran and Syria’s men, didn’t occupy and burn Beirut, in fact he reconstructed it. He didn’t meet with Israeli officials in secret amidst the confusion and gun fighting so that no one could see or hear. He also didn’t negotiate with Israel, neither through a Turkish mediator or another Arab state, and in the process designating Hassan Nasrallah’s neck as a bargaining chip; rather he guaranteed the protection of Lebanon – a Lebanon that is occupied by Hezbollah today.

These ugly images that the whole world saw must be a wake up call to all those asleep in our region, since they reflect the features of an Iranian state that aims to be cultivated in the Arab world.