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Hezbollah: The Defeat of Victory | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Hezbollah has fallen into the trap of the defeat of victory. What is going to happen after the occupation of Beirut? Will the party announce the establishment of a state under Caesar Nasrallah or will the party’s members retreat to their hideaways after the legend of resistance has come to an end along with its claims that the party’s weapons are for confronting Israel?

Hezbollah has fallen into the trap of boasting its power, and its victory has transformed into a predicament since the party is second only to the Israelis in occupying Beirut. The facets of the Iranian-Nasrallah state have been revealed as the transmission of pro-government media has been terminated. Therefore, the question remains: What will happen after?

Hezbollah has ventured upon a crime that will never be forgiven by the Lebanese and Arabs as it has stirred up the abhorrent spirit of sectarianism. The military power thinks highly of [Sayyed Hassan] Nasrallah and in my opinion this power cannot be broken by anybody in Beirut. This is wrong because provoking sectarianism amid a large number of Sunnis is suicidal.

Hezbollah’s rockets and ammunition will never win a war that is fuelled by ideology because, as the Arabic saying goes, “The tribes of your uncles also have spears”.

Unleashing the monster of Sunni fundamentalism in Lebanon is a grave danger of which Sunni leaders have been warned and they themselves were first to warn against. Whilst Nasrallah frequently repeated during his speeches that he does not stand for sectarianism, his men were occupying the Sunni areas of Beirut and his media launched an overwhelming attack against the Sunni Mufti in Lebanon.

What is odd is that Nasrallah warns against collaborating with foreign parties. The Syrians and Qataris say that what is taking place in Lebanon is an internal matter whereas in fact what is happening in Lebanon is purely an Iranian-Syrian issue. Hezbollah is an Iranian product formed of Iranian money, weapons and training. As for transportation, connections and intermediation; this is down to Syria.

Those who hope for Lebanese independence and peace are fully aware of the aforementioned fact. The statement made by Egypt that warned of Iran’s endeavour to control the region is both clear and just. What is regrettable is that Tehran seeks to dominate the Arab world with the help of Arab countries tampering with Arab national security.

The reason I say that Hezbollah has fallen into a trap is because it has incited sectarianism and it has revealed that those who call for neutrality and dialogue, such as [Lebanese Parliament Speaker] Nabih Berri, are part of the crisis as the streets of Beirut are replete with Amal fighters who are armed to the teeth.

Hezbollah’s occupation of Beirut is a real predicament for Nasrallah and those behind him since the party has limited options; it can either withdraw, in which case it would lose the false sanctity of its weapons, or continue the occupation and declare the establishment of the Hezbollah state and in that case it would invalidate the diversity and composition of Lebanon, destroy the Taif Accords and turn Lebanon upside down. Through this it would enter a confrontation with the international community, the cost of which will be paid by the party’s supporters.

First and foremost, for as long as Nasrallah’s heavily armed men remain in Sunni regions, this is enough to ensure that the Sunni monster would be unleashed, as previously mentioned. In that case, Nasrallah would be committing a crime against the Shia in the same way that he has against the Lebanese by dragging them into a dirty war with disastrous consequences.

Hezbollah has come to be an elephant in the room. The only options available to it involve destruction, withdrawal or swallowing poison and the reason for this is the conceit of power and ideological blindness in collaborating with Iran.