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Expel the infidels…expel the Muslims! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Those who read extracts from the 1,500 page manifesto, which was distributed by the Norwegian terrorist to 5,000 e-mail addresses before he committed his crime, will be stunned by the magnitude of his extremism, and the similarity between the author’s perverse ideas and the inflammatory works of al-Qaeda.

Reading a summary of the pages of such hate will leave the reader feeling sad and frustrated, because such a failure of a man is capable of igniting the world. In his manifesto, the Norwegian, Christian terrorist laid out a time plan for the expulsion of Muslims from Europe by the year 2083, although no one knew he had such an interest in religion or politics. In fact it was said that he once tried to talk to a girl but she ignored him in favor of a young man of Pakistani origin, which increased his hostility to Muslims!

In his manifesto, the Christian terrorist also details a long list of names of British political and media figures, which he claims deserve to be killed because they have allowed the idea of pluralism to succeed in Europe. This incitement is similar to what al-Qaeda has done in Saudi Arabia before.

This means that rational, wise men, from all religions, are now in real trouble. Our Islamic extremists, like al-Qaeda and those around them, are calling for the expulsion of infidels from the Arabian Peninsula, while the Christian extremists in Europe are calling for the expulsion of Muslims from Europe. Therefore who is protecting the rational and wise on both sides, Muslim and Christian, as long as extremists from both sides have declared an insane battle in the name of religion? Should we allocate the world today by geographical area, so that extremists from every religion can come together and solve their issues to their liking? Yet the issue shouldn’t be taken lightly since it is the product of the failure of the wise and rational, from each side, to do their duty and respond to extremist ideology.

This is the truth, no matter what was said by King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz to Muslim scholars the day before yesterday in Jeddah, where he reminded them that some Muslims are destroying the Islamic world by spreading division and non-Islamic matters. It was also notable that the Mayor of London addressed the phenomenon, in an article for the British newspaper “The Daily Telegraph”, directly after the terrorist act in Norway, where he asked people not to become preoccupied with analyzing the terrorist’s manifesto, but rather discuss the reasons that led to the emergence of a terrorist in the name of Christianity, in the peaceful society of Norway. Here some have begun to warn of the danger of a terrorist attack, similar to what happened in Norway, taking place in America for the same reasons cited by the Norwegian terrorist.

Thus, what is needed is a tough stance by all states, under the umbrella of law, and likewise scholars, opinion leaders, and the media, to renounce all aspects of extremism. Otherwise, the world will transform into hell if prejudice prevails over coexistence, and the culture of dialogue, not only globally but also within countries, including our Arab and Islamic states. If we do not take a firm stand against extremism, of all kinds and of all religions, then this means the lives of innocent people everywhere would be in danger. The Norwegian terrorist targeted the children of his own nation and religion, under the pretext of expelling Muslims from Europe, just as al-Qaeda has killed more Muslims than Christians, under the pretext of expelling infidels from the Arabian Peninsula!