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Enough Recklessness | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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I won”t discuss the terrorists; for they are beyond redemption. However, I will discuss certain people who never fail to surprise us after every massacre. The massacre that Egypt witnessed on Friday took the lives of 88 innocent people and caused hundreds of casualties, yet these individuals continue to analyze the tragedy in a manner that can only be described as vindictive.

They speak of conspiracy theories, and throw baseless accusations at Israel, the United States, President Bush, and even the incumbent governor of Sharm El Sheikh. These accusations are just dialog for the deaf and an escape from bitter reality that we face everyday fighting terrorism in all our countries.

Why can”t we admit that we are trying to move forward, but that Al Qaeda is blocking all the exits in this horrifying present? I may be harsh in my comments on some of my fellow journalists in Egypt, but harshness sometimes comes out of love and fear for their future, for I have similarly been harsh on my colleagues in Saudi Arabia when similar attacks happened there. I implore you please stop the justifications, and stop running to closed doors. Al Qaeda had struck Egypt long before the war on Iraq, it has previously attacked the Egyptian embassy in Pakistan and I guarantee you Israel had nothing to do with it.

It”s unforgivable seeing terrorism and calling it anything else, seeing terrorism target the Egyptian economy and its people and blaming it on an external conspiracy.

Despite all the cosmetics surgeries that had been undertaken by some people who try to divert attention away from the real perpetrators, Al Qaeda is shouting its name out loud and in the process are completely revealing their identity for all to see.

An example of this is the murder of the Egyptian ambassador to Iraq Ihab El Sharif by terrorists, who were labeled by some members of the Egyptian media as &#34Insurgents&#34. Well these &#34Insurgents&#34 in Iraq whose activities are now an every-day occurrence are the same terrorist that bombed Sharm El Sheikh.

How long will we justify these actions? How long will we continue to close our eyes and ears from the truth?

I watched with utter amazement a current affairs program on al-Jazeera news channel, where the presenter asked if the bombings were a byproduct of the political frustrations that exist in Cairo. yep, that was her simple assessment of the tragedy. I also heard from so-called prominent media figures and analysts discussing the role of Israel, the United States and the war in Iraq in relation to the Sharm El Sheikh attacks. To make matters worse I also heard a radio interview where the announcer claimed to be talking to an eyewitness, but as it turned out, the so-called &#34Eyewitness&#34 was in an internet café during the bombings, but had heard from a taxi cab driver that there were casualties.

Please stop being reckless about the lives of innocent people. Angles of death like Al Qaeda are so structured and organized that they”ve labeled themselves as fighters for human rights, while they are only ravishers.

Will there be more recklessness from our own people? Who were the victims of the bombings in Egypt but innocent people and the entire Egyptian economy?

Will we wake up before it”s too late?