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Can You Guarantee God’s Forgiveness? | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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What is this provocation and what is the logic behind it?

Hamas politburo Chief Mr. Khaled Meshaal appeared on the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel and addressed Arab leaders by stating, “Every second a Palestinian dies in Gaza, you are responsible for his/her blood and soul before God.”

“If you do not come to the aid of the Palestinian people then God will not forgive you or your people and the Palestinian people will not forgive you,” he added.

Oh, the wonder!

Can you guarantee that God will forgive you after pledging with the utmost faith in front of God’s Holy Kaaba, only to go back on your word and the Mecca agreement?

Can you ensure that God will forgive you for the day your men prostrated themselves in praise and gratitude to God for their first liberation; the conquest of Gaza, after expelling the Palestinian Authority?

Can you be sure that God will forgive you for the day in which Palestinians were written into the history books as the first people to stage a coup while under occupation and for the day your men threw their fellow brethren off the 15th floor to his death?

Mr. Meshaal’s statements are a testimony to the magnitude of the disaster we live in the Arab world where we repeat one mistake after the other without learning from them – and woe betide those who expresses a different opinion since they are immediately accused of disloyalty and treason. Scores of people spoke words of advice and wrote statements to Hamas and its leadership that were interpreted as intended to dishearten the Palestinian people’s spirit and back Israel.

What more can the Arabs do, which they haven’t already done? And can you guarantee Mr. Meshaal that God will forgive you as you ask the Saudi king to once again intervene to reconcile the Palestinian rift which you and your followers are responsible for? Didn’t Riyadh put its international interests at risk when it called for the Mecca agreement? And yet it was subjected to skepticism and severe attacks, both overt and covert, from Mr. Meshaal friends.

The Palestinian situation in Gaza is poignant, as is what the residents are subjected to of oppression and brutality; it is sad that they are governed by a leadership that is not aware that its role is to protect its citizens and ensure their security and means of livelihood. God bestowed his worshipers and provided them with security, shelter and food; is the Hamas leadership aware of that?!

If there is a trace of concern for the Palestinian people and their security and interests then Hamas must back down from the coup that it staged and return the headquarters [to the Palestinian Authority], even if it is damaging to its authority. It must also call for immediate elections and reunite the available Palestinian territories.

We must tell the truth today even though the Palestinian wound is inflamed, we must speak the truth because you do not listen to it in times of prosperity or distress. We say it today because what has happened to the innocent people in Gaza is dismal – and the Hamas leadership has a role in it.

The truth must be said instead of this ongoing misappropriation of the Palestinian issue and crisis. We witness Mr. Hassan Nasrallah in his address on the occasion of Ashura commemoration saying that he demands nothing of the Arabs whilst simultaneously demanding that they intervene to raise Gaza’s blockade!

The wonder… Didn’t the divinely victorious Nasrallah make a plea to end the 33-day war when he stated that anyone who loves Lebanon must stop this war?!