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Be Rational Like Iran! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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As long as there is condemnation of the mentality that it is unjust to allow the people of Gaza to fall victim to the brutal [Israeli] military machine and erroneous political decisions then we are requested today to follow “Iranian rationality” at the very least!

As long as some people suspect subservience in this mentality, and believe that Iran is the one party supporting the resistance and the Palestinian cause, then we are required to follow “Iranian rationality,” which means looking after one’s own interests.

For instance, we have the Supreme Leader of Iran, [Ayatollah Ali Khamanei], forbidding any suicide bombers from crossing [borders] in order to carry out suicide attacks against Israel despite that Tehran previously announced that 1000 volunteer suicide bombers were prepared to go to Gaza.

Khamanei’s comments came on the same day that [Iranian parliament speaker] Ali Larijani said in Beirut that the proposals made by Egypt and Europe to end the conflict in Gaza were like “honey injected with poison.”

Despite that Iran is demanding that Arabs and Muslims cut oil supplies to the West in support of the Gazans, what some people fail to realize is that Iran is storing masses of its own oil in tankers chartered in the high seas out of fear of oil cuts and in hope of an increase in oil prices. That’s not all; Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced his approval of the US-Iraq Security Pact at a time when the Israeli military machine was claiming the lives of innocent civilians in Gaza.

We will not talk about what Hamas is saying to the Western media, or to mediators and non-Arabs; we will not be like Khaled Meshaal, who told the French-Jewish writer [Marek Halter] that Hamas was surprised by Israel’s aggressive reaction and that rockets were only meant to provoke the Israelis slightly. What we will do is merely recall Iran’s positions; the head of the Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili stressed that Hezbollah would not launch a battle with Israel; Hezbollah’s leader swore that the party was not responsible for launching the rocket [that struck Israel] from South Lebanon; moreover, Hassan Nasrallah attacked anybody who suggested that his party had knowledge of the Katyusha rockets that were found in South Lebanon a few weeks ago based on the pretext that such individuals were seeking to provide Israel with excuses to attack the party.

Because we are living under the pressure of intellectual terrorism, all that we are saying to those who share our fear for the people of Gaza and the Palestinian cause, is that we should follow Iran’s approach, which is looking after it’s own interests, nothing else, so that we may look after our own interests and cause.

We have chosen “Iranian rationality” regardless of other rationalities; for example, the case of Syria in the Golan Heights. This reminds us of those who praise Turkey’s positions today and forget that Ankara, only last week I believe, was still sponsoring Syrian-Israeli ties.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; the conclusion is that the weapon of Iranian rhetoric does not make a slight difference regarding Israeli crimes in Gaza. Rather, this rhetoric is directed against Egypt and the Arabs as a whole, as it is always balanced by rational comments made by leaders in Tehran.

If the Iranians are enticing Hamas and the people of Gaza in accordance with Tehran’s interests, how would it be in our interest to entice the people of Gaza and wait for the death and injury toll to reach the thousands?

Therefore, Hamas must show a sense of responsibility and cooperate with Arab efforts to put a stop to Israeli massacres in Gaza. Moreover, the time has come for us to say frankly please do not transform us into pawns on a chessboard, which are there to be played by anyone.