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Ayatollah Mehdi Akef | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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And just like that without any quibble, the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mehdi Akef came out and said that he would not oppose Shia expansion in the Arab and Islamic world, nor does he oppose the Iranian nuclear program, even if it does lead to Iran possessing a nuclear weapon.

I said to a friend, “There you go, the Muslim Brotherhood’s General Guide admits it; he doesn’t believe that revolutionary Iran would have a destructive role in our region. When we used to warn against what the Muslim Brotherhood was doing, we were told that we were exaggerating and that we were championing some organizations at the expense of Brotherhood-affiliated groups.”

My friend replied calmly, “I don’t know why the Muslim Brotherhood guide is endorsing a Shia expansion rather than technological or economic or even cultural expansion in our societies; why is he endorsing an expansion that did not even benefit its own people?”

I had more questions: why didn’t the General Guide endorse the expansion of stability and peace? Why does he endorse Shia expansion on the one hand whilst the Muslim Brotherhood attacks the idea of interfaith dialogue on the other hand? The answer to all these questions is simple.

To endorse an economic, cultural and technological expansion requires academic reform that would affect teachers, curricula, and education buildings, from primary school level to higher education. All of this, of course, requires liberating minds from intellectual oppression.

The student of science and development does not isolate himself or claim perfection. Expansion of life and knowledge requires purifying historical and Islamic heritage of all its imperfections and liberating minds from intellectual oppression.

This requires our societies to examine themselves and everything around us, not to hand over the minds of our nation to people like the Brotherhood’s General Guide or bend over to kiss his hand or follow his fatwas and opinions blindly, making us endorse an Iranian bomb.

Acceptance of an economic, cultural, and technological expansion by the General Guide would mean suicide for the Muslim Brotherhood and the burial of its ideology, just as Iranian moderation would signify the end of the Islamic revolution and the role of the Wilayat-e-Faqih. This is the truth.

There is no room for scientific, economic and cultural expansion in brainwashed minds. Moreover, whoever accepts Iranian extremism and is happy with its supporters is also an extremist and is content with this in order to prove himself, or he is someone who cannot form his own opinions and take his own decisions.

The Brotherhood’s endorsement of the Shia expansion will do nothing but add to sectarianism in our region, as statements such as these come in defense of Tehran. It is a major concern for many parts of our region and can only be described as a real danger to our countries and our stability.

The Muslim Brotherhood always plays on the slogan “Islam is the solution” but it never tells us how. How will it develop education and the economy and coexist in a united nation when today, it has revealed part of its destructive vision for our region in more detail, whereby its Guide does not see any harm in Shia expansion in our region. The concern here is not about doctrinal expansion, as people do not tamper with their beliefs with such ease; the real danger lies in Iranian infiltration that threatens our stability.

Mehdi Akef’s comments about Iran clearly demonstrate the absurdity of the Brotherhood’s political mindset and the extent to which it is prepared to put our nations and stability at risk. The enmity of Israel doesn’t mean that we should all commit suicide and what the Brotherhood’s General Guide is calling for is that we, nations and states, all carry out one big suicide operation!