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Al-Assad is alone! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Away from the controversy over whether the explosion that struck the national security headquarters yesterday was part of a coup, or al-Assad eliminating his own men, or an operation by the Free Syrian Army [FSA], what is certain today is that al-Assad has suffered a severe blow, and the tyrant of Damascus is like a giant who is standing with both hands cut off! This explosion killed a number of senior al-Assad regime security officials, who can be considered the security cell of the tyrant of Damascus.

Therefore the death of the al-Assad regime’s Defense Minister, as well as the tyrant’s brother-in-law and other senior security figures, means that Bashar al-Assad today is alone, and the only security figure that remains for him is his brother Maher al-Assed. Whether this assassination operation was the thwarting of a coup attempt against him or not, this represents a harmful blow to al-Assad, and means that he is following the path of Gaddafi, who lived his final days alone, after his aides had either been killed or defected. Therefore what happened yesterday at the national security headquarters in Damascus represents a stunning blow to the morale of the al-Assad regime forces, and all the allies of the tyrant. This operation targeted al-Assad’s inner circle, killing some of those closest to him, during a critical time in the life of the revolution. If what happened yesterday was al-Assad eliminating his own men, this means that al-Assad’s days are numbered as there is a lack of trust in the circles closest to power, particularly as one of the victims of this bombing was al-Assad’s own brother-in-law. This in turn means that there is not just a conflict in the circles closest to power in Syria, but within the al-Assad family itself! Whilst if the operation was carried out by the FSA, which is most likely, particularly as it has already claimed responsibility for this, describing it as an operation targeting the pillars of the tyrant’s regime, this also means that al-Assad’s days are numbered, as his inner circle has become an easy target. From here, we can understand the escalation in the pace of defections from the forces of the tyrant, and the immediacy of the announcement of the death of the al-Assad security officials.

Therefore all signs today indicate that al-Assad is alone in his losing battle, and the clashes today are not in Homs or Aleppo or Daraa, but in the heart of Damascus. This is a battle that is similar to the battle of Tripoli during Gaddafi’s last days when the gates to the Libyan capital were thrown open in such a sudden and surprising manner by the Libyan rebels. This is precisely what has happened and is happening today in the Syrian capital Damascus, where the FSA has deployed in a rapid and stunning manner, confounding and devastating the battalions of the al-Assad regime. As we said yesterday, the fires of the Syrian revolution are close to engulfing the tyrant of Damascus, and his men are falling one after another. Indeed, the situation has reached the point that some FSA operations against al-Assad centers of power in Damascus were being broadcast on air on television yesterday, as if Damascus were no longer the central authority!

Therefore, who did what is not important, what is important is that it is clear we are facing the last days of the tyrant’s regime which is receiving blows not just on the outskirts of Syria, but in the heart of the country, and in the circles of power closest to al-Assad. These are painful blows to morale, as well as politically, therefore the question that must be asked today is not whether or not al-Assad will be toppled, but rather when?