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A Fake Celebration | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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We did point out in the beginning of the recent conflict that the war on Lebanon was solely Iran and Syria’s war?

They lied and cast doubt on this then but, today, we hear, in perfect unison, the Syrian president announcing his outright support for Hezbollah, (of course only after the war had ended), and also calling for it to retain its weapons. The Iranian president also spoke about Hezbollah’s victory, while a religious figure in Tehran threatened to fire rockets at Tel Aviv. These rockets, were tried in Lebanon by Hezbollah, seem as if they are programmed to kill Arabs, which is why they hit Arab neighborhoods in Israel!

When the world was saying that this was Syria and Iran’s war, Tehran and Damascus strenuously denied this. Today, after the war has ended, Nasrallah, Ahmadinejad and Assad have come out to announce “a strategic victory”. Whose victory is this? Syria’s, Iran’s or Lebanon’s?

Everybody nowadays is claiming victory. Facts tell us that Iran did not fire a single shot to save Lebanon and Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, who started his fight claiming “We don’t need anyone’s support”, changed his speeches to demand a ceasefire and calmly spoke about national unity. However, after the fighting stopped he spoke of victory, bluntly warning anyone from trying to disarm Hezbollah.

As for the heroic and steadfast Syria, with its accusations of treasons, everyone knows that it stood on the sidelines as an honorary spectator during the war, and even denied any influence it has on Hezbollah. Today, after Lebanon has been destroyed, it is proclaiming “a strategic victory”!

This is Iran and Syria’s war and Lebanon will pay the price, along with the Arab countries against adventures and adventurers, who were criticized by President Assad. He said that those with no experience/knowledge of war should not be guides for peace! Of course, there are no Guides in our Arab world, even if there are some who want to drag them into our problems! It is also important to mention the unison between Iran and Syria even when it comes to an attack on other Arab countries. Ahmadinejad said that many of the regional leaders had failed in the experiment of this war which Hezbollah waged. His words followed the ceasefire. It is worth bearing in mind that, on their recent regional tour, Iranian had called on Arab leaders to help bring about a ceasefire.

As for Syria, I do not know which war it has experienced. Other than the 1967 war that Damascus took part in and which resulted in the occupied Golan Heights, the capital of steadfastness didn’t fire a single shot over the Golan Heights! Damascus only fired inciting slogans and accused others of treason.

Truly, this is a forgery, a falsification of facts and an escape from upcoming dues, most importantly the assassination of Lebanon’s former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and the constitutional amendment which kept Emile Lahoud in power, damaging Lebanon and impairing its make-up. Lebanon is a country which was never Iranians and can’t breathe Syria’s dictatorial air for very long.

The Syrian president’s speech on resistance, honor and war is all about Lebanon and Lebanese blood. The question remains, what about Syria? Why didn’t Damascus open up a branch for Hezbollah on its territory and to start the fight of liberation, so long as resistance is the alternative?