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This time last year, a major act of evil took place. As well as causing great harm to many people, it also damaged the image of Islam and Muslims all over the world.

This time last year, the London bombings on several underground trains and a London bus took place, killing and injuring scores of people. This disgraceful act was executed by a small number of Muslims living in Britain.

What is the position taken by Muslims concerning the London bombings? What is the advice that we are required to give to our fellow Muslims abroad?

I have no doubt that in the past few years a small number of groups associated with Islam have followed the example of the Khwarij, who also deserted religion. These recent groups, however, have gone astray and are more misguided than the Khwarij, as they are not satisfied with labeling other Muslims as non-believers and killing them, but have also violated and assaulted people belonging to other religions.

These acts do not coincide with Islam in any way and in fact, our merciful religion warned against such actions. Our religion has warned against the practices of these groups, and Arab and Islamic traditions completely reject such shameful acts that have defamed the image of Islam. They have caused many people to be averse towards Islam and to distance themselves from those who follow the religion.

The 7/7 attacks that were carried out by some misguided youths is religiously prohibited as it led to the deaths of innocent people. These perpetrators had committed a grave sin as their actions, in Shariaa, are considered a violation of an oath and an act of betrayal. Their actions have had a significant negative affect upon the British Muslims, causing them shame and harassment and placing them under the suspicion of British security authorities.

There is no doubt that the bombers responsible for such an atrocious act committed a sin according to the Islamic religion, regardless of any justifications that many seek to present. Even if the country in which they reside is part of the “war”, as long as we are living in their country and enjoy the safety and security it provides, we have an obligation not to betray or deceive that country. Religious scholars, including Imam Mowafaq Din Qadima, in his book ‘Al Moghni’, have stated that the London bombings would be considered treason.

My advice to our fellow Muslims in Britain, the west and in all non-Muslim countries around the world is to beware of those who infiltrate religion claiming that they are practicing a truthful form of Islam. These people seek to destroy relations between Muslims and the countries in which they have lived for many years, to disturb their daily routines and sabotage their relationships with fellow citizens. They seek to tarnish the image of Islam and to deprive them of their rights.

It is the responsibility of Muslims to cooperate with each other to get rid of the apostates if advice fails to have an affect on them. They must be secluded and reported to security authorities so that other Muslims can continue to live peacefully and to portray the correct image of Islam. Muslims must guide the world towards the great virtues of this religion that God Almighty has sent as mercy to all humankind.

Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Al Obeikan

Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Al Obeikan

Sheikh Abdul Mohsen bin Nasser Al Obeikan is a member of Saudi Arabia's Shura Council and a judiciary consultant for the Saudi Ministry of Justice. A writer and lecturer, Sheikh Al Obeikan is a prominent figure who actively defends Islam against the fundamental and militant ideologies of groups such as Al-Qaeda.

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