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When you visit him in his office he radiates a sense of reassurance and when he speaks to you it is in a soft voice and with a smiling countenance, and he listens to you he does so attentively until you have conveyed all that you have to say. As for what he suggests to you, he is logical in his thoughts, and strings his words together in a way that draws you to reflect upon and analyze each word he says; he is a man who chooses his words carefully, and so one must confer full-weight to any conversation one conducts with him. He has great patience, and a big heart; he is rare to anger, and even when he is angered he is not aggressive, and is keen to direct his anger towards the rapid elimination of its cause, adhering to orderliness no matter how complicated matters are, and always doing what is right no matter what.

He gives his staff his full confidence, and as soon as he sees any negligence, weakness, or carelessness on their part he replaces them with those that can perform their duties. Some talk of his deliberate nature with regards to decision-making; those that work with him know that this deliberateness stems from him exploring all aspects of any decision that he is making. His devotion is acknowledged by those near and far, and his generosity knows no bounds.

Who am I talking about?

My Uncle Naif Bin Abdulaziz.

I worked with him for thirty years, I learnt, and continue to learn, a lot from him. When crises intensify I would find him to be an impregnable rock, an invulnerable mountain, who would not become flustered, and would explore the issues with his great faith in God, and his belief in the people of Saudi Arabia.

I have observed him during his talks with our Kings; and he is a beacon of honesty with regards to his approach and consistency, and in the scope of his information and knowledge.

He embarrasses me with his great humility, for every time that I visit him – and I am younger in age and beneath him in rank – he greets me by saying “Welcome, your Highness.” I love him for these reasons, and so I congratulate myself, and the Saudi people at his appointment to the position of Second Deputy Premier, and so I say in a loud voice to friends and foes alike:

“He is the right man for the right job”