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Will the Agents’ Confessions Solve Lebanon’s Mysteries? | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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If a leading figure of the Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement, Brigadier General Fayez Karam, who was arrested in Lebanon a few days ago, is proven guilty of being an Israeli agent; it could become the most complex and astonishing case ever witnessed. Until he was detained, Fayez Karam was one of the most powerful voices advocating the need to be resolute, and bring spies and traitors to justice. He was notably outspoken on issues such as honour, patriotism, and resisting enemies, not to mention his conduct whilst he served in the army, and afterwards. In the army, Fayez Karam was promoted to the position of Chief of the Counter-Terrorism and Espionage branch. In his political career, he rose to become a leader of the Free Patriotic Movement. He was expected to become a member of parliament, or to assume a ministerial post, had he continued his rise to prominence, since his return from France.

Like the ‘domino effect’, agents are falling these days one after the other, as everyone is aware how dangerous these people are for Lebanon’s security and sensitive condition. Therefore, it was everyone’s duty to cooperate and cleanse their country of these harmful bodies, regardless of their loyalties. However, the question remains, and has become even more important after the discovery of so many agents: Does Israel need all these spies on Lebanese soil? The answer is yes, the game Israel plays with Lebanon is somewhat unique, with regards to the number of ‘players’ on the Lebanese field. There is no prominent Arab or non-Arab country without a secret presence in Lebanon, and in this respect; Israel can target [through its large number of agents] more than one side. Experience has shown that events in Lebanon, although only a small country, have implications for the surrounding Arab environment, either conducive to unity or discord. This is something that causes Israel and its agents to further target the Lebanese arena.

The sheer crowd of agents who are falling these days in Lebanon could lead an observer to imagine the roles that they might have undertaken, which cannot be confined [only] to providing Israel with information. Their roles might have extended to include numerous criminal activities, so will the agents’ confessions solve some of Lebanon’s mysterious puzzles?