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Is the world heading for Armageddon? This is a pessimistic question that is being raised by some in light of the evils of the world which are only getting stronger day after day. The most recent evil is the so-called electronic or digital drugs. These are computer programs that generate binaural tones and beats which when listened to are said to simulate specific mental effects similar to those of illegal drugs. These electronic drugs first appeared in the US, and spread across the world via the internet. Many of our youth are being influenced by this, to the point that many countries have begun to sense the danger from these programs following a period where they completely ignored this phenomenon.

These binaural beats are said to be able to simulate the effects of many different types of illegal drugs; there is a website that is dedicated to such programs, and the price of purchasing or downloading such a program ranges from $3 to $9, although this website provides users with a free sample. The experience of those who have tried this type of drug varies, from those who assert that its effects are extremely similar to that of taking illegal drugs, to those who believe that this is nothing more than a scam that aims to make money by exploiting the naïveté of young people.

Scientifically, there is controversy over the effects of these binaural beats, with some psychologists playing down their effects and refusing to compare this to the effects of drugs. This is [also] in order not to glamorize drugs in the minds of young people, and in order to stop young people moving on from these electronic drugs to real drugs.

The emergence of electronic drugs on the internet is something that makes the role of family in educating youth even more difficult, especially in light of some fathers’ and mothers’ lack of knowledge about the internet culture. This is something that has allowed our youth to do as they please without fear of discovery.

The question that must be asked here is: are the relevant anti-drug authorities in our part of the world aware of this type of new drug, and will they include this as part of their anti-drugs operations? The world has begun to pay attention to this, and we must not passively view this phenomenon for too long, before taking action.