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Womanizer!!! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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When the United States attacked the al Shifaa pharmaceutical plant in Sudan, during Bill Clinton’s presidency, the majority of commentators said the strike was aimed at diverting public opinion from the US president’s scandal with Monica Lewinsky. The next day, the Sudanese president held a press conference where he said, “Clinton has no manners. He is a liar and a womanizer!” Perhaps his words won’t be remembered as very significant but the last part summarized Clinton’s political reputation and legacy. “Monicagate”, as it was referred to, made the headlines and became the main topic of conversation worldwide. It eclipsed other successes during his presidency, such as economic growth and the end of the Bosnian war.

Clinton will go down in history as a womanizer. Today, the world is facing another womanizer, if from a slightly different kind! He is the head of the world’s sole superpower: George W Bush. Many people have resorted to political science and historical research, in an attempt to understand the policies of the current US president. They should be focusing, instead, on psychology, so as to decipher the mystery of his political choices, orientation and policies. Perhaps the most important aspect that can clarify Bush’s personality is his relationship to women.

There are three women that have played (and continue to do so) a pivotal role in Bush’s life. The first is his mother Barbara Bush. She brought him up and motivated him when he failed at school and university (a recurrent event in Bush’s life). She also gave him emotional support, compared to his cold father. The second woman in Bush’s life is his wife, Laura. Many men compete to win the heart of the library assistant but she chose George W Bush. She was one of two key individuals who helped the current US president conquer his alcoholism. Today, Laura acts as Bush’s conscience as he seeks her opinion before taking any decision. The First Lady is also tasked by the Republican Party of mobilizing public opinion and improving her husband’s image.

The third woman is the current US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, as she represents academics, knowledge, seriousness and balance. The president regards her as a strong fighter who has succeeded in spite of the many obstacles she faced as a black single woman from the South. He rose to prominence at Stanford University and in the business world at the oil giant, Chevron, before entering politics. What do all the three women have in common? It seems Bush has a deep desire to “please them” and seek their approval, on a social, personal or professional level. Freud refers to this as the Oedipus complex while others see it as an endless mystery. It is true when they say, “Cherchez la femme…” In George W Bush’s case, there are three of them!