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Victory from God and Imminent Triumph | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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I do not know which religion they belong to, or which doctrine they follow, but these terrorists are definitely different from us. The latest catastrophe, which was the assassination attempt on Assistant Minister of the Interior, Prince Mohammed Bin Naif Bin Abdulaziz, at his house, amidst his family, during the holy month of Ramadan, only serves to reflect these terrorists’ principles of treachery and treason. In an attempt to moderate feelings, this group has become known as the deviant group, however I insist on calling them the oppressive group, because all that this group pursues is murder, betrayal, and bloodshed. This is a group that must be fought mercilessly and without leniency.

This recent attempt was not just the targeting of a Prince or official, and is therefore not a “special” matter for the Saudi government or Royal family alone, rather this was an assassination attempt that affects every Saudi citizen without exception because the terrorists have deliberately and brazenly attempted to raise the stakes in the conflict without any regard for moral or religious principles.

What religion are they trying to outbid? What vision are they attempting to install?

How evil are the things which they have said and done! They have only strengthened the people’s belief in their country, and strengthened the people’s determination to eradicate this “cancer” which has spread widely and infected sheikhs, businessman, students, and even housewives. Their minds have been drugged, and their hearts hardened until they have all gone astray, killing their own brothers and sparking panic in their homeland.

Where is the honor in that? What glory have they attained?

How evil are the things which they have said and done! More than any time before, the war on terrorism is ongoing, and there is no choice but to ruthlessly and relentlessly destroy them. We must bravely eradicate the poisonous and deadly sources that this oppressive group has based its ideology upon, such as fatwas, [religious] opinions, and books which incite against the government and call for the differentiating and takfir of people of one nation, and one religion.

How evil are the things which they have said and done!

Yes, these are enemies of the State, the public, the government, and most importantly of all, enemies of religion itself. They have become unbelievers of all the teachings of tolerance mentioned in the Holy Quran and taught by the Prophet. Indeed “You shall have your religion, and I shall have my religion” [Surat al-Kafiroon, Verse 6].

The assassination attempt on Prince Mohammed Bin Naif has raised the stakes in the confrontation of these villains to an unprecedented level. This is a new level of confrontation that requires concerted effort by everybody. I hope that we do not deal with these terrorists with kid gloves because their acts of treachery and treason should be responded to in turn.

It is obvious that such a despicable assassination attempt took place in response to the enormous successes achieved recently by the Saudi security authorities, with regards to the arrest of 44 key suspects that formed a large terrorism financing and operations network. When these suspects were arrested, they were discovered to be plotting to carry out major terrorist operations [throughout Saudi Arabia]. The recent security achievements represented a slap in the faces of the terrorists, and Prince Mohammed Bin Naif himself was behind this success.

And so once again, this treacherous assassination attempt was not just against Prince Mohammed Bin Naif, but against all Saudis, and May God Protect Saudi Arabia from evil.

Prince Mohammed Bin Naif became an icon in the fight against terrorism in Saudi Arabia, and his survival of this assassination attempt is a signal from God that the fight against terrorism should continue, and that victory is imminent, God willing. The Saudi Arabian public experienced a difficult night when the news of this assassination attempt was first circulated. The Saudi public, offered prayers for the safety of the Prince, and these became prayers of gratitude and relief when the news of his safety was announced. Yet true joy will not be achieved until – God willing – this oppressive group is exterminated.