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The Real Intentions of Political Charlatanry | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The call that was propagated by the Muslim Brotherhood mainly via the popular Facebook website that called for a general strike to be held in Egypt failed to achieve the desired response from the population.

The truth is that the Arab world has been afflicted by those who claim that they call for reform in different ways. It has seen the venom of the military spread and intensify in different parts of the country. After the army came to power to “save” and “rule the populace” it carried out some of the most abominable acts of domination and crimes, plundering peoples’ properties and building and constructing palaces and prisons like never before. Attempts were then made to envelop the political project in a religious cloak in order to add legitimacy to it and to consolidate its acceptance amongst the majority of people.

How absurd it is to “employ” modern tools and technology such as television, internet, protests and voting, all of which are actually, and ideologically, tools and forms of technology that have been imported from the “infidel” West that must be “boycotted and eliminated”.

The Egyptians did not take part in the call for the strike because they want to live in a dignified manner and they do not want to escape one predicament to enter another that is destructive and toys with the idiosyncrasies of their religion and their relationship with their Lord.

Charlatanry is the mixing of wrong and right and the good intentions of citizens who seek to live their lives in a respectful and progressive manner are utilised.

The Arab nations have a strong sense of feeling. They are fed up with their feelings and aspirations being tampered with and the lies that are fed to them. They have become able to distinguish between those who call for and defend what is right and those who seek power and personal glory.

Political despotism, corruption and the absence of popular participation in the political decision-making process are dangerous and threaten stability.

The problem regarding the political situation in Egypt is that the [1952] revolution and the revolutionaries could not deliver the great promises that were made and promoted as a pact and an approach.

From another perspective, the opposition has not been able to represent a just voice that adopts and promotes the idea of citizenship and the way that the entity of the modern homeland should be dealt with instead of creating and selling a delusion for which heavy prices have been paid and lives have been lost, and what is all of this for?

Religion is a personal, honourable, and sacred tie between man and his Creator. Man was created to worship God and establish justice among people. Therefore, societies should create and develop methods and approaches until they can distinguish between political intentions that are cloaked by religion and the politicians in power who actually deal with political crises.

Without doubt, this is a serious dilemma that entraps the Arab world and is strongly threatening its future.