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The Obama Fairytale | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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With Barack Obama’s exciting approach to the most important position on an international scale; the US presidential race is accelerating fast amidst great suspense.

It is an unusual political story; Obama’s Kenyan father separated from his mother while he was still at a young age and Barack Obama was raised by his Indonesian stepfather in Jakarta and later went on to graduate from the prestigious Harvard University. Indeed, America is full of wonders but it is a place where your dreams can come true.

Realizing dreams still remains to be one of America’s strong points where opportunities are not diminished through nepotism and tribal affiliations. That is not to say that the US is devoid of mistakes, irregularities, violations and discrimination; the difference is that these things are discussed in the open and solutions are proposed to resolve them instead of ignorantly defending them whilst considering them to be part of a ‘great’ heritage and desperately fighting to preserve the ‘distinctive’ identity and character.

Barack Obama’s ascent to power in America will mark an important moral transformation in the superpower and is a healthy indicator of the long-awaited improvement in the international arena: Non-governmental institutions (NGOs) will participate in the political decision-making process in an effective and influential manner, traditional capitalism will undergo a basic adjustment that will shift the required reform movement into gear, and globalized activity will become comprehensive and devoid of regional threats.

Moreover, Central Asia and Africa will become flooded by investment plans in light of the potential high returns that can be netted there. Notions such as pure descent and other equally extremist thoughts (that veer closer to Nazism than racial discrimination!) will disappear as more immigrant American citizens rise to leadership positions in free and developed states.

Even if Barack Obama doesn’t win the presidential battle in America, his overwhelming presence and the way in which he jumpstarted US politics, the global impact of which is clear; it still remains to be the most ‘charming’ political story to take place in the US over the past eight years. Obama will change the course of political law both socially and economically so that they will take on irreversible moral aspects.

Africans, who were once brought to the US on slave ships, with shackled hands and feet, lying near death in the bottom of these ships in what was a journey to their death, are a long way from that oppressive past. What a vast amount of symbols and connotations there are to this story; but who will heed the lessons and understand and learn? This remains to be the challenge.

Barack Obama is a true fairytale and we are only one chapter away from a happy ending; so we wait and see.