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Doha, the capital of Qatar, has hosted great events, perhaps the most prominent of which was the beautiful celebration of sport, namely, the 2006 Asian Games. Recently however, it hosted a celebration of Lebanese politics.

The Lebanese have become accustomed to both war and peace as a result of a foreign decision. The discourse of rationality has been completely absent and logic has been defied in the interest of abominable sectarianism.

Hezbollah will be satisfied with nothing less than ruling Lebanon and altering its unique diversity.

The issue of one-third-plus-one [number of seats in parliament] is simply a tool to change what was agreed upon as part of the Taif Accords, which reflect the sharing of power between Lebanon’s Christians and Muslims. Today however, there is an offer of division and disruption par excellence; to divide Muslims into two “real” sects in the political arena in Lebanon. Therefore, any other solution would not be accepted. It is supported by a nominal “bloc” that consists of Michel Aoun, who seeks presidency “at any cost” and Nabih Berri, who wants to remain at the head of parliament and keep things “as they were”. There are dimensions of sectarianism with respect to this issue despite claims that argue otherwise. There can be no “solution” to military engagement between the two parties whilst one party is allowed to keep its weapons and expects matters to continue normally and peacefully.

Lebanon is home to 40 newspapers, 42 universities and 100 banks (not counting the branches!). It is a country that is characterized by odd and contradictory statistics yet is a country that has difficulties in learning and benefiting from past experiences.

Beirut alone has been destroyed and re-built seven times; for that reason it has been likened to the mythical Phoenix firebird. The population of Lebanon is estimated at 3.5 million, whilst 10.5 million Lebanese live outside of the country and yet it is unable to solve its problems by itself. The Lebanese are geniuses in solving problems in different fields however they stumble when it comes to the Lebanese political field.

By aggravating the situation in Lebanon the country is working to Israel’s advantage as it provokes a new Arab conflict and continues the process of wasting time, blood and opportunity. The crown of authority and the arrogance that comes with leadership has been lapped up by the leaders of militias and generals whose violations have taken on all forms ─ at the expense of the entire state.

Lebanon exemplifies a scene from the famous mafia film, “The Godfather”; an offer is made that is difficult to turn down since the barrel of a gun is pointed at the victim’s head. The armed opposition is behaving in the same way in Lebanon today. The resistance is armed to the teeth with fatal and destructive weapons as its men hide behind black masks that are more appropriate for criminals rather than [members of] an honorable and noble resistance.

The long meetings that took place in Doha and continuous rounds of talks have proved that Lebanon is still an obedient tool in the hands of others.

The color of red that marks the Lebanese flag, which has always been a symbol of pride and nationalism, today symbolizes bloody sedition. There is nothing left to say except that the key to sedition remains in the hands of the Lebanese first and foremost and they must realize who is with them and who is against them.