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Objective observers of the tense situation in Lebanon would no doubt be astounded at the extreme exploitation of the concept of resistance by Hezbollah (whose priorities were once “only” to confront Israel and liberate the occupied territories). However it is clear that there is “league of supporters” for Hezbollah that strives to stir up its discourse and raise the ceiling of its demands so as to seek temporary protection and confuse those who prosecute them. There is a clear attempt to implicate the party so that it would be the primary obstacle to necessary solutions, such as the International Tribunal, the parliamentary sessions that have been pendent for a long time now as well as a solution to choosing the next president for the republic. Today, it seems obvious that Hezbollah is the only real movement on the ground, which clearly stands against the International Tribunal and against the government carrying out its natural role. This became clear after the scandalous exposure of the size of forces and the real presence of the Free Patriotic Movement led by Michel Aoun. It was further elaborated following the events at the university and the consequent riots. The movement could not secure its areas and Hezbollah had to send some of its forces for support in numbers. There is a group that still wagers on the remaining legacy and the old glory of Hezbollah, with the intention of developing a new “reality” on the ground; a fact that was clear in the latest speech of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah especially regarding the issue of the International Tribunal and “foreign” intervention in this case.

I don’t know how Nasrallah failed to comment on Tehran, Damascus, Isfahan or other neighbouring cities that do not cease to issue statements that strongly interfere in Lebanese affairs and from which Lebanese politicians and leaders seek to acquire consent; does this not count as foreign interference as well? There are many supportive mouthpieces who occupy media, parliamentary and academic positions and work hard to justify and express supportive viewpoints of Hezbollah. Such figures resemble those who put on a blindfold and continue the dance of death and to deny tremendous facts and variables of extreme importance. The issue of the International Tribunal and the assassination of Rafik Hariri is not simply a “story”. It is rather a shift in dealing with criminal acts that have lasted for many years, claiming the lives of many innocent people year after the year whereby no one can comment on it in fear of sharing the same fate as those who were assassinated. This issue is no longer a Lebanese issue only. In fact, there is a public desire in the Arab world to know who carried out this heinous crime. This desire is associated with scepticism regarding the ability of local authorities to carry out their role in the correct manner without being exposed to various threats, harassment and even assassination. It is extremely necessary now for Hezbollah to save itself and all that it accomplished by keeping away from its dancers and supporters in the third tier of the political stadium. These people had jumped fences and have not paid the price for the political ticket. Thus their presence in the same arena as Hezbollah is illegitimate. Resistance is a great honour that should not be tainted by distorted facts or by other suspicious motivations. Legitimate support of resistance should not be replaced with aims for discord and disunity. Beware of Team Hezbollah as they have a more dangerous presence than many people may think.