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Obama: America’s new enemy! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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There is a broad, right-wing, conservative Republican group in the United States that believes that US President Barack Obama is America’s most dangerous enemy today, that he has waged a war against the American dream, and that he is the biggest threat to the very principles that underline the United States! Yes, these are truly the claims being put forward today, without any hint of exaggeration.

Barack Obama is viewed by this group as being a “secret socialist”. They believe he has a personal project which he is seeking to implement, based on the idea of redistributing wealth in a fairer manner. This is in addition to his “insurance” policy, launched at the beginning of the major economic crisis that struck and continues to strike America; he provided a financial rescue project for banks, lenders and insurers, allowing him to gain greater control of the banking system. Likewise, the healthcare program he launched turned out to be highly controversial; this is considered a “socialist” model imported from the famous model found in the Scandinavian countries.

The right-wing conservative group did not stop with such accusations, and they have also promoted the idea that President Barack Obama is “buying” the votes of workers and employees in various trade unions, having saved automobile companies and associated industries which have considerable weight in the US economy.

The major US companies listed in the famous stock-market index, the “Standard and Poor’s 500”, which denotes the largest 500 companies in the US economy, have a liquidity surplus estimated at US $4.1 trillion. Here I say a liquidity surplus, not assets, valuations, or commercial attributes, but purely a financial sum. Meanwhile, the bankrupt US government is drowning in a growing sea of massive debt, and as a result there is a severe unemployment crisis and companies are going bankrupt. Homes are being offered on the market for extremely low prices because their owners can no longer afford them or the mortgage repayments, despite the fact that bank interest rates for lending have reached unprecedentedly low levels. Likewise, the value of the US dollar has fallen to very low levels in order to encourage and promote US exports, which have already started to mobilize and become more competitive. However, the balance of trade is still in favor of giant producing countries such as China, Japan and South Korea, in a manner that cannot be denied.

This “explosive” climate, according to the right-wing conservatives, is threatening the famous American dream, based on the idea that each generation of Americans can achieve a decent standard of living and social and economic successes beyond the capabilities of the previous generation, in a clear, tangible and comparable manner. Therefore, the “enemy” is responsible for the threat posed to this dream, and thus the conservatives have launched organized campaigns to discredit President Obama and his “socialist” approach. This is similar to what the Republican senator Joe McCarthy did in the 1950s, against all those suspected of having communist leanings, in what became known as “McCarthyism”.

Today, this forms the nucleus of the right-wing conservative “Tea Party” movement. However, this group has now inadvertently sparked the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, which accuses major banks of greed, the inequitable distribution of wealth and opportunities, and of being controlled by a select and limited category, meaning that opportunities and benefits are distributed in a calculated and covert manner. This issue encouraged President Obama to launch the idea of increasing the tax bracket on top businessmen and the wealthiest segments of American society, to contribute towards improving the US economy. This proposal received encouragement, support and acceptance from one of the richest and most important American businessmen and investors, Warren Buffet, who strongly supported the idea.

[Next] year will be an exciting election year in America, as the [political] hostility and traded accusations have reached unprecedented levels. The decisive decision remains that of the American voters, who must choose a friend rather than an enemy, not according to what has been promoted by certain sides but according to their own convictions. Inevitably, this decision will have an impact upon the whole world.