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The young, eloquent, confident, African-American Barack Obama did it; he will be the next president of the United States of America.

Over eight long, wretched years under the government of George W. Bush, I was embarrassed to hang up my Political Sciences degree that I obtained from the University of Tulsa in the United States. Today however, I have hung it up in pride.

Barack Obama triumphed in the US presidential election because he called for change, for which his country was completely ready after years of George W. Bush. Change was inevitable and it wouldn’t have been possible for Barack Obama to win in such an impressive and overwhelming manner if Bush did not pave the way for him with his recklessness.

The Americans are comparing Obama’s win to some of the world’s most important historical events, such as Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon. A great achievement has been accomplished with regards to the race issue. For over 300 years, the American Declaration of Independence has said (loudly) “that all men are created equal,” but the reality of American society demonstrated something else altogether. Society was made up of masters and slaves, classes and the abominable class system. Today, American society is sending a message loud and clear that it has the ability to reform itself and get passed the suspicions that surround it and pull together uniting all its various elements.

The scene of Obama’s presidential win was dramatic and worldwide. There was celebrating, hugging, kissing and dancing on the streets of Cairo, Rio de Janeiro, Nairobi, Paris and Singapore in such a remarkable and spontaneous manner.

A great challenge lies ahead for wise Obama; he must show the world that American justice is not in the form of Guantanamo Bay, that American values have no relation to Abu Ghraib and that the US financial system is nowhere near the Lehman Brothers and that the world does not have to be divided into two camps of those who are “with us” and those who are “against us” in such a foolish manner.

Obama’s impressive win raised the ceiling of morality around the world in the way it dealt with segments of diverse American society and helped them to revise methods of integration.

The African-Americans are no longer merely celebrities within American society with examples like Michael Jackson, sportsmen like Michael Jordan or television figures like Oprah Winfrey; it has now become possible to be elected by the nation as leader of the country. Chicago has presented one of its own to the world as an example.

The American elections were exciting and the results were amazing. The election process was followed all over the world as if it was a local election concerning every country directly and in the end, logic prevailed and extremist, racist and foolish trends were defeated.

Congratulations to Obama and we hope that his victory will be a lesson for arrogant people.