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As the number of individuals leaving the Bush administration (for different reasons and excuses) continues to rise, harrowing details and strange events, which took place behind the scenes of this administration during one of the most dangerous and controversial terms, continued to emerge. At present, a book, unlike any other book written on the same topic, written by a character unlike any other characters dealing with the same issues, has been published. The book is entitled, ‘The Age of Turbulence’ and the writer is former Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan.

Greenspan, the 81-year-old renowned politician and economist said that the Bush administration launched the war against Iraq for one reason only, namely, oil. It has been the worst administration in managing financial affairs, which resulted in doubling US debt in an unprecedented manner that amounts to billions of dollars. In addition, these policies gave rise to unbalanced and extremely confusing budgets. Greenspan added that out of all six administrations that he had outlived whilst occupying various positions and at different stages, this administration was the most tumultuous of all.

This book and the statements that followed made by Greenspan on different occasions to promote the book, have raised a lot of controversy, particularly within the Republican Party, due to the important and respectable status of the “Republican” Alan Greenspan within his party and the importance of his comments on the economic and financial matter specifically. This is a new chapter to expose the scandals of the “worst administration in the history of America,” according to the description of many political commentators and analysts.

It is very important to differentiate between George W. Bush, the group of neoconservatives, and the US itself. The US has a tremendous capacity to criticize itself and to disclose openly its political negatives (unlike many countries in the world which cannot mention the smallest of issues!)

Bush, his administration, the exposed confusion in his policy, and the fabrication and deception with which the war was propagated constitute a nightmare that the American people and its institutions within the two major political parties are waking up from. Additionally, the language of accountability is strengthening.

Alan Greenspan’s book will not be the last testimony in condemning George W. Bush and his administration and policies. With the increasing evidence and courage of the officials who are leaving the current administration, there are powerful Hollywood films coming out this month, which strongly condemn the military in Iraq. Furthermore, the production of lectures and books, which follow the same suit, continues. However, the challenge that remains is how to make use of this situation in the best way with the institutions of the American society itself.