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Nasrallah and Sensible Resistance | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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In his latest speech, Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s General Secretary, said, “Those who want to help us should help us achieve a ceasefire.” This wise sentence clearly indicates that the resistance has realized it can no longer overlook reality and that Israel’s brutality, backed by an international denial, makes it imperative to consider facts on the ground and to distinguish between wise calculated resistance and suicide.

Nasrallah’s realism and his practical resistance have beaten all those who continue to call for a suicidal resistance, which doesn’t concern them directly, but military successes are part of their political proceeds. Of course, they also avoid the ensuing death and destruction and focus solely on the positive aspects.

When there are two boxers in the ring, one very fit and muscular and the other weak, if they continue fighting until the 12th round, the weak would definitely be victorious. The same can be said of Hezbollah today; a ceasefire would represent a significant moral victory. Yet, the continuation of the conflict will increase the likelihood of further destruction and fatalities. Iran’s latest interference in internal Lebanese affairs, by calling for a ceasefire to be rejected, fuels sectarian tensions and can’t be tolerated. Foreign countries should no longer be allowed to blatantly interfere in Lebanese affairs and control its destiny. Lebanon and the resistance, especially, need to heed the voice of reason and not that of distant spectators who don’t incur any losses.

The latest speech by Hezbollah’s leader indicates that a different method of handling the crisis is now required. There is a huge difference between standing in a hall and pledging allegiance to Hezbollah, while everyone watches it sink further and further into in the Israeli quagmire, and the attempt to “safeguard” moral victories and psychological gains, in addition to what is left of the people and infrastructure.

Hassan Nasrallah’s latest statement was wise and his call for a ceasefire very reasonable. Those outside the Lebanese arena should stop their “nuisance” as the battlefield can no longer tolerate it.