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Once again, Israel has resumed its old method; every time it is put under the spotlight and feels pressured, it comes up with a story that is backed by statements and is strongly promoted in order to show people that it is weak and helpless. This is what allowed it to “market” the Zionist concept competently and transformed it into a mythical story of the victory of the weak against the strong in Western social circles that already suffer from a complex because of what the Nazis did to the Jews in Europe in World War II.

Today Israel is spreading rumors that Syria is providing Hezbollah in Lebanon with Scud missiles. A number of concerned military officials launched a series of threatening statements against Syria saying that they “are sure that [an attack] is going to happen” and that they will take Syria back to the Stone Age after launching an attack.

This reminds us of a time not too long ago when a gang of neo-conservatives spread lies about Iraq and the existence of weapons of mass destruction in the country and said that it must be invaded and war must be launched against it. Of course it was all revealed to be lies afterwards and the methods of deception became clear and those embroiled in this dirty game were exposed.

Today Israel is “increasing” the number and intensity of accusations against Syria and Hezbollah in order to “justify” a pre-emptive strike against them, as every time it raises the level of the threat posed by Hezbollah and Syria in front of international public opinion it is able to justify its aggression. Today, Israel is facing a new predicament; to an increasing number of the world’s countries, it is a rogue, occupying, racist state that violates laws and treaties and encroaches upon rights, and heroically defending it must be justified now after it lost much credibility and respect. It continuously works towards “raising” the level of international acceptance to a pre-emptive strike against Iran and its nuclear program and to make the world understand that Iran’s nuclear program and weapon (and of course this is a new Israeli lie as Iran has not produced a nuclear weapon and the US acknowledges this) is targeting Israel and that Iran is seeking to eliminate the Jews in a new Holocaust (this is also a lie and nobody has ever said that).

But the international community is divided today, and there is no consensus on attacking Iran or on the so-called military solution. As a result, Israel will not be able to take this step by itself without facing the wrath of the international community, and this would place it in a bigger and more dangerous crisis. Consequently, Israel decided to direct the blow that was meant for Iran towards Hezbollah (and perhaps also Syria though that is less likely).

“Scuds” are old weapons with a range of 700 kilometers but they require five hours preparation before being launched, not to mention their very large size on large bases, which means that from a practical standpoint they are unsuitable for armies like Hezbollah. They would have no benefit if we knew that Hezbollah has another kind of missile of the same range i.e. the ‘Fatih’ Iranian missile that is smaller and takes no more than 45 minutes to prepare in order to launch. The Israeli intelligence apparatus must know this information but to launch the scarecrow of the Scud missile in front of public opinion is more appealing because people still remember the Scud missiles that Saddam Hussein launched against the Coalition Forces during Desert Storm and when Scud missiles were launched against Israel. Consequently, these missiles are “symbols of evil” and this situation regarding Lebanon is a deplorable attempt to attack Lebanon once again based on a lie by a state that was built on a lie until lying became its key method.