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Huthists: Pawns in a Persian Game | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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There is a amusing story about a state that failed to achieve its development plans. This state was unable to fulfill its promises to the people, in terms of offering them prosperity, unique education, fascinating cities, and other shiny slogans. As a result, the leadership of this state held an extremely urgent meeting to discuss the repercussions of the situation. The president asked for his ministers’ opinion and advice in addressing this crisis. The defense minister responded by saying: “Let us declare war against the West and attack them. The West will retaliate, and, of course, destroy us. Accordingly, they will feel very guilty and announce a reform plan to fix the situation. This plan will be similar to the Marshall Plan implemented in Germany after its defeat in World War II. As a result, giant projects will be launched and major banks will set up operations. The country will prosper and the people will feel satisfied and happy, thus making us heroes and saviors in the people’s eyes.” After a few moments of silence, the minister of agriculture gave a deep sigh and said: “But what if we win the war and defeat the West?”

I remembered this amusing story as I followed the repercussions of the criminal attack that the Huthists carried out on the Saudi border. These people killed a Saudi soldier in cold blood and injured others, in a new criminal operation that has been added to their black record.

The Huthists have transformed into a lowly puppet in the hands of the Iranian intelligence service and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps. They have become a mere tool for exerting pressure. Moreover, their political, religious, and cultural ideas have become worthless and no longer have any significant dependability or credibility. This is a vicious attempt to pull Saudi Arabia into an internal Yemeni struggle. This struggle is led by parties, whose actions are driven and controlled by those who have persistently fomented sedition, until it has become a basic and genuine part of the notion and the concept of the export of revolution.

What the Huthists are doing is another form of political “indoctrination.” It is manifest in believing and reaching the conviction that the Huthists have become an influential force and a state within the state. This in addition to the belief and conviction that the Huthists can influence politicians, change the situation, and trigger whatever events they want to trigger in Yemen and around it. They are pirates and malicious saboteurs, who have brought destruction to their country, and there is no doubt that there are columns of beneficiaries helping them.

Today, the Huthists have decided to “sell out” every meaningful and valuable attribute, part of history, and legacy for the sake of money and whims. This is a result of them falling into deception. They have come to believe and are convinced of the nonsense that they are capable and worthy of change and that they are a real and effective factor that can influence the future of Yemen, or part of Yemen as an independent and separate state.

The least that we can say in describing the position adopted by the Huthists and those supporting them is that they are vanguards of sedition and a tool of destruction. Saudi Arabia did not take part in the fight against the Huthists, as claimed by their representative in several desperate statements, in an effort to justify their aggressive stance. Instead, Saudi Arabia was protecting its border from the growing number of penetrations into its southern border. This border has witnessed several significant encroachment incidents, such as the smuggling of weapons and drugs and the embracement of Al-Qaeda elements. This is taking into consideration that Al-Qaeda’s most recent attempt to assassinate Prince Muhammad Bin-Naif, Saudi assistant interior minister, was a product of the tense situation in Yemen. All this gives Saudi Arabia the right to protect its border by all means, in light of the disturbed situation in Yemen and the attempts by the forces of sedition from Iran to penetrate the country, with the help of the Huthists. These people are selling the illusion of religion under the umbrella of “imamate.”

Iran is perfectly aware of the Saudi weight and the significance of the Saudi role. It also knows that Saudi Arabia is the biggest obstacle to its penetration attempts and the implementation of its plans. Therefore, Iran is extremely determined to give Saudi Arabia some headache and “preoccupy” it with the small conflict that is growing on its southern border. The Huthists are a criminal group. They have left us with no other choice but to eliminate them. This is because they have joined the terrorist camp par excellence. We congratulate them for this achievement.