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The death toll has reached over 315 with over 1000 wounded in the latest Israeli massacre committed against the Palestinian people. F16 fighter jets fired a vast number of rockets [in the Gaza Strip] during intensive and brutal raids carried out by the Israeli Air Force. The only thing this serves is adding the name of Gaza to the long list of Israeli massacres.

Israel continues to prove that it is a rogue state, and that its practices are just as bad as the practices of Nazism. The moral collapse of Israeli politics knows no boundaries, and at every possible occasion Israel succeeds in discovering an even lower level that it can sink to. The genocidal method implemented by Israel is not much different from what was carried out against the Bosnians by the Serbs, or what the Khmer Rogue did in Cambodia against its own citizenry, and other [genocides] carried out by regimes that have since collapsed.

Israel has no respect for treaties or charters or conventions or even religions, and in this latest massacre they did not even respect the sanctity of the Jewish holy day of Saturday [Operation Cast Lead; Gaza Attack began on Saturday].

Each new Israeli Prime Minster must come to power after spilling a lake of Palestinian (or Lebanese) blood, and so the reckless trio of [Benjamin] Netanyahu, [Tzipi] Livni, and [Ehud] Barak, each in their own way is trying to win support with a vigorous show of force in the cruelest way.

During the beginning of the last century the propaganda machinery of the Nazi party in Germany published a number of [anti-Semitic] publications in order to justify the genocidal campaign that they would later launch against them. Decades later the Israeli lobby in the West published [anti-Arab] literature in order to justify the settlement plans of the Hebrew nation in the Arab world, and to attempt to persuade the West that Israel is the only country in this region that shares with it the same values of civilization and humanity.

Palestinians are not in need of summits which result in nothing but condemnation and denunciation, what they are in need of is money, humanitarian contribution, and relief efforts, because the situation in Gaza is extremely dire and dangerous. It would be better that rather than holding a summit for Gaza the cost of holding such a summit be instead donated to help those in need there.

In this crazy time we must speak truthfully to the Palestinians, and that is to advise them to show great caution to those who use the Palestinian cause [for their own means] and are not happy unless the bodies of their fellow citizens and brothers are lying in coffins, and this in my opinion is a failed enterprise. The Palestinians do not differentiate between those who want to help them, and those who use them and their struggle as betting chips resulting in death and humiliation.

Israel is a country with no morality; it is up to all those who felt distressed at the results of the Gaza massacre to participate seriously and in a practical manner in the publication and distribution of information, pictures and facts to all corners of the globe about what truly occurred in Gaza, which is something that modern technology had made possible. This is not just a military battle, it is also a public relations battle, and a morality battle, and there are a huge number of facts in favor of the Palestinians.